Healthy Recipes You Need To Try Today

8 Recipes That Turn Your Favorite Comfort Foods Into Guilt-Free Healthy Options

And no... french fries aren't a vegetable serving.


When you're caught up in the heat of the busy season, the last thing you want to do is make a salad. Or worse, pay $12 for a salad at a health food store. (Seriously, why are salads so expensive?)

You want real food. You want that take-out pizza with breadsticks and Chinese food with extra soy sauce. As we all should live healthier lifestyles, it's never a morally sound decision to decide to eat your favorite foods without any regrets. You're in luck.

Thanks to the magic of mom-bloggers, these crafty parents have created healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods. While it's not quite as easy as popping into that cool Italian place down the street, these tasty meals will satisfy your health and your heart.

1. Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Chocolate (zucchini) cupcakes- dairy free

Who doesn't love muffins in the morning or for an afternoon snack? Those suckers are basically cupcakes. Luckily this version includes zucchini, which is a vegetable, which is good for you! Snack away, friends.

2. Popsicles

These kid-approved popsicles have a secret and parents love it. Hidden Veggie Power Pops are the perfect s… | Kids DIY projects, crafts, and activities | Pinterest | Recipes, Healthy Snacks and Snacks

Popsicles are easy to make and a tasty treat. Skip the midnight ice cream binge and enjoy a taste of one of these babies.

3. Pizza Rolls

Spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, carrots, and bell peppers are all included in this recipe. Your kids will love every bite! | Dinner Ideas in 2019 | Pinterest | Veggies, Recipes and Food

If you're hosting your annual watch-the-Bachelor girl's night, this is the perfect party food to serve!

4. French Fries

A delicious and healthy alternative to regular fries. Baked not fried. #kidsfood #healthykidsfood #healthyfries #babyledweaning #blw | BLW and Weaning in 2019 | Pinterest | Healthy meals for kids, Healthy snacks for kids and Healthy

I love fries more than most guys, but these fries taste just as good with double the health benefits.

5. Quesadilla 

Loaded Veggie Quesadilla

Your mom used to always hide your vegetables by smothering them in cheese. Now, you can too!

6. Healthier Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Healthier Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

I'm sorry, did you say BUFFALO CHICKEN MAC AND CHEESE? Can I get three servings?

7. Breakfast Banana Split

Breakfast Banana Split

Breakfasts don't have to be boring anymore! Plus, this will be Instagram story cute.

8. Cookie Dough Milkshake

Cookie Dough Milkshake. Skinny style! This dairy free and healthy shake is the perfect way to cool down this summer! Vegan and Glu… | Dessert Recipes | Pinterest | Milkshake recipes, Milkshake and Dairy free

This is vegan, gluten-free and way healthier than Johnny Rockets. (We still love you, Johnny).

9. Healthy Panckes

Pin by Kristine's Kitchen on ""Best Ever Light & Skinny Recipes"" | Pinterest | Pancakes, Recipes and Breakfast

Pancakes cure all problems. Well most problems.

25 Paleo Friendly Recipes

25 Paleo Friendly Recipes

You don't even have to be paleo to love these. With food as good as this, I could be paleo.

11. Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken

Because a life without Chinese food is a life I don't want to live.

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The Unspoken Dangers of 'Mukbang' Culture

Ever wondered why you can't stop clicking on these addictive, self-made eating shows?


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years, you've probably heard of the internet trend commonly referred to as a mukbang, or "eating show." These self-produced video clips typically involve one hungry individual, their filming device, and an obscene amount of delicious foods.

Though these broadcasts originated all the way from South Korea (hence the foreign vocabulary), the growing popularity of eating videos has taken the internet by storm. Nowadays as you scroll through YouTube, you'll find an outrageous amount of uploads with titles like "10,000 CALORIE PASTA MUKBANG," "EATING EVERYTHING ON THE MCDONALD'S MENU," or "THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CHALLENGE."

Popular 'mukbangers' such as Peggie Neo, Megan McCullom, and Steven Sushi have made a sizable profit off of their viral eating shows, some collecting tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

So, what's the big deal you say? You order a large quantity of food, indulge in said food, film yourself completing this menial task, and upload to the internet for money and fame. On the outside, this may seem like a luxurious lifestyle, but behind the camera lens sits an individual battling their own demons and influencing the world of social media to partake in their harmful behaviors.

Mukbanger Livia Adams ("Alwayshungry" on YouTube) has opened up about her unhealthy relationship with food in the past, praising herself for fasting several hours in order to justify her over-indulgence on camera.

Similarly, internet sensation Trisha Paytas claims to diet and starve herself for weeks just to be able to satisfy her subscribers with epic mukbangs, which are essentially binges.

In all actuality, these social media celebrities are negatively impacting (and possibly triggering) vulnerable viewers.

Many fans only see the highlight reel of YouTubers shoveling bowls of cereal or boxes of doughnuts into their mouths, yet remain completely unaware of what truly goes on behind-the-scenes. Messages saying:

"I'm on a diet... watching this is giving me some sort of satisfaction, like as tho I ate, you know?"
"I watch these videos because I know I physically can't afford to eat like this because I gain weight too easily."
"When having an eating disorder, watching Trisha's mukbangs is sorta comforting in a way omg"

flood the comments sections of Paytas' videos. Quite obviously, fans young and old are heavily influenced by this content and continue to support these creators to fulfill a self-destructive need.

Additionally, famous mukbang accounts never seem to include the painful after-effects of their ginormous feasts in videos. Fitness model Stephanie Buttermore flaunts her slim physique just days after consuming over 10,000 calories for a challenge, giving the impression that her previous overindulgence had no repercussions on her health whatsoever. Because Buttermore is a trained, athletic young woman, she was able to quickly bounce back after a series of workouts and low-calorie meals.

On the contrary, if a sedentary woman of about the same age were to attempt this challenge, she would most likely feel sluggish, irritable, bloated, stomach discomfort, and even vomitous post challenge. Eating regularly like this could lead to bigger issues such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. Unfortunately, because topics like these aren't glamorous and attractive to subscribers, mukbangers often edit them out.

Now don't get me wrong. Though not everyone who uploads a mukbang to the internet has an eating disorder or an evil agenda, they have to realize the kind of audience they're appealing to. This generation is more susceptible than ever to emulate the actions and words of their favorite celebrities. Young boys and girls look up to successful adults, and influencers should be remembered for the change they inspired, not the disease they encouraged.

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4 U.S. Cities All Foodies Need To Visit

Honestly, I think it's safe to say that we're all foodies here.


If you are anything like me, some of the coolest parts about the different places you travel can be the different kinds of food you eat and the different restaurants around the city. While you can find about any cool restaurant in any city if you look hard enough, here are four cities that have some of the best restaurants and dining experiences!

1. New York City

DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections / Instagram

The city that never sleeps has to get its energy somehow! If you are craving a specific kind of food, New York probably has it. With destinations like DO Cookie Dough Confections, Ice & Vice, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, NOMO Kitchen, The Nugget Spot, Merchant's RiverHouse, and Clinton Hall, it is impossible to choose the wrong place to eat.

2. Cincinnati

Moerlein Lager House / Instagram

Being a city right along the Ohio River, this city will never fail to disappoint in the way of food. Cincinnati-style chili is what makes this city famous for its food and what defines "Midwest-style food." Cincinnati has many choices of unique dining experiences from the Moerlein Lager House, to Skyline Chili, to Graeter's Ice Cream, and LaRosa's Pizza.

3. Chicago

The Purple Pig • Chicago / Instagram

Famous for their deep dish pizza, Chicago is the destination for all lovers of pizza. Some of the best places to try these deep dish pizzas are at Giordano's and Pizano's. If you aren't in the mood for some pizza though, some other amazing places to try out are Margi's Candies, The Chicago Diner, Alinea Restaurant, The Purple Pig and SafeHouse

4. New Orleans

Commander's Palace / Instagram

New Orleans has deep roots with a rich culture, so it would make sense that the food is top notch. The city is known for its beignets, jambalaya, and gumbo. New Orleans has many favorites including Bubba-Gump Shrimp Co., Commander's Palace, Cafe du Monde, and LUCA eats.

While these are restaurants that many foodies have already enjoyed, there are many waiting to be discovered! Go out there and try new places, and eat new foods! Some of the best foods and the best restaurants may be right in the town you live in!

Now go out there and explore!

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