They Got The Dad Bod, I Want The Mom Bod
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As A College Girl Who Loves Food And Beer, I'd Do Anything To Make 'The Mom Bod' Go Viral

Because a little extra pudge never hurt nobody.

As A College Girl Who Loves Food And Beer, I'd Do Anything To Make 'The Mom Bod' Go Viral

Everyone loves the dad bod. It's all the latest craze--forget those abs and sculpted glutes; the new thing is that little beer belly perfect for cuddling. (Who doesn't love a built-in pillow?) Okay, let's be honest, those muscles will never go out of style, but, regardless, more and more women are gawking over that dad bod.

The dad-bod-boy is essentially the best teddy bear, your go-to midnight pizza pal and the cutest boy around. Besides, if you like the dude, the appearances quickly become secondary compared to his smile that you look forward to after a stressful day. But, actually, as you like someone more and more, they become significantly more attractive every day--got those "love goggles" on.

Alright, so, the boys got the dad bod to fall back on when they realize that going to the gym every day, eating green food and lacking those blessed fit genes is really just a lot of work. Instead, they are allowed to feel comfortable in their natural beauty, knowing full well that the ladies are still attracted to that little extra pudge.

So, I think it is about time that the mom bod makes a come through. Because like, damn, I enjoy pizza and beverages just as much as the dudes next door. And, honey, my metabolism has said "eff you" a long time ago, so there is no way that I can maintain that "ideal" figure while stuffing my face with endless delicious chocolate chip pancakes topped with syrup and whipped cream.

Nope, I want my mom bod to be the title that covers the headlines, declaring that this is also the beautiful and trendy body type. And, of course, accompanied with the automatic reaction of, "DAMN GIRL!"

The mom bod has it all; it is a magnificent combination of all the apparent societal flaws including (but definitely not limited to) a nonexistence thigh gap, muffin tops, those little rolls by your armpits, an ass of all dimensions, bulky arms, chubby cheeks and of course, a lovable, rounded tummy.


The mom bod could be the next big thing. Just imagine being able to consume that sweet apple pie with the flaky crust without feeling a twinge of guilt, knowing full well that it is only contributing to your beautifully sculpted and natural figure that everyone not only accepts but strives for--like the dad bod. Because if a boy is allowed to be "imperfect" by societal standards and still be popularly deemed desirable, then girls should be too.

Besides, a mom-bod-girl has got hella perks, similar to the dad bod. For starters, dad-bod-bearers don't need to consume those breadsticks alone; in fact, moms-in-the-making will probably initiate a competition to see who can eat more breadsticks at your next Olive Garden date. The more the woman means the more to love. And, of course, size doesn't affect her unique and undeniably amazing personality.

So, as the dad bod gains attraction, let's accompany it with the female equivalent: the mom bod. Because one's figure doesn't hinder her ability to be intelligent, strong and fucking gorgeous.

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