The Good and The Bad about the Season of Spring
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The Good and The Bad about the Season of Spring

Because the beautiful blooms make taking the daily allergy pills worth it.

The Good and The Bad about the Season of Spring
Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

Spring has sprung! There are many great things about the arrival of spring. There are also some things that make Spring the least favorite season for some people.


Spring means the beginning of allergy season which brings a lot of people the case of sniffles and sneezes. If you live in the Midwest like me, allergies can last past the spring season, even into the summer. But those beautiful blooms make taking the daily allergy pills worth it.

Weird Weather

While the weather gets warmer, so do the swings in temperature. Living in St. Louis, I will wake up in the morning and it is 40 degrees as I am leaving my house. By 2 p.m., it could be 70 degrees. The sweater you thought was a good idea to wear today is having you sweating your booty off during your daily lunch walk.

The In-Between Wardrobe

I am one that prides herself on her outfit choices on a daily basis. The spring season can be a really confusing time for outfit choices. Similar to what was said in point two, you may wear a sweater in the morning and be perfectly comfortable, but sweat as the weather warms up. But not just that, as you’re switching out your winter wardrobe, you can’t put them all away or you will find yourself digging through the bins to find that sweater when the temperature inevitably drops below 40 degrees.

While there are some things I cannot stand about spring, I love so many other things that make this season worth the hassle.

More sunlight

Daylight Savings Time becomes my very best friend with that extra hour of sunlight that bumps up not only my vitamin D levels but also my serotonin.

Blooming flowers

Two words. Cherry. Blossoms. I got another word for you. Tulips. Those are two of my favorite things about spring. I dream of going to the Netherlands one day to see the tulip bulbs bloom so colorful and beautiful.

A Season of Change

As one season ends, another season begins. Those seasons bring change. Change of mood, change of attitude, change of habits. I could go on. Just like seasons of life, change is inevitable and I, for one, welcome that change.

So let's go Spring. I am ready for you.

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