Ever feel like you don't want to go back to school? Like you'd rather lay in bed all day binging on This is Us and lazily eating frozen pizza while procrastinating five assignments? Or like you wish it was "spring break forevaa"? This is deemed normal for college students and the struggle to keep motivated, I find especially in the spring, is a challenge. Fortunately, we've gone over the halfway hump and are on our way. to successfully completing this semester!

1. Leaving your "college" friends

This sucks because it feels like forever since you will see them again, except it's actually only a week. But once that summer hits...

2. Getting used to FREE food all day

When you're home on break, it's great, mostly because you will get an endless stream of food from the fridge, that you didn't have to buy with your own money or meal points that you're trying to scavenge until the end of the semester.

3. It's not that time yet

You still have a few more weeks of wearing comfy clothes, throwing your hair in a bun and being cuddled up before you need to have your summer bod ready and will be laying out by the pool every day.

4. Free time is a thing again

You might have some work to catch up on but other than that, no plans besides catching up on laundry and snuggling with your doggies until spring break is over again. Having nothing to stress about is honestly such a relief.

5. Hobbies

You get to work on your own hobbies... like remember when you used to read... for fun?!

6. Binge watching shows

Remember how all semester everyone was saying how great "This Is Us" is? Well, now is the time to catch up on all the shows that you have been missing out on.

7. Seeing people from high school

This is probably one of the most awkward encounters especially if you aren't especially close to any of those people you spent four years in that building with but then randomly see them around town like "do I say hi.. or do I pretend to ignore you?" Awkward!