It May Be Time To Consider Going Ghost During This Quarantine
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It May Be Time To Consider Going Ghost During This Quarantine

As we head into the new normal, consider what you want to keep in your life and what you may want to just ghost on.

It May Be Time To Consider Going Ghost During This Quarantine

For the past two and a half months or so, I have been socially distancing. I was quarantined with my boyfriend and our roommates for the majority of the time. It was enjoyable having company during the pandemic and having people to complain about finals with.

However, all good things must come to end: (meaning everyone actually just moved back home and I did too.)

After spending two months finishing up papers, exams and deadlines, I haven't had much time to actually enjoy social distancing. Yes, I said it, enjoy social distancing.

Most people reading this I'm sure are thinking I am selfish and downright annoying. Who in their right mind is enjoying any of this?

Though I understand the sentiment, this time is going to be one of the only times left in my life where I am not obligated to see certain people or do particular tasks.

Social isolation sounds like a dream come true.

No, I am not saying that I hate the world. I am not saying I hate the human race or have been dying for some space.

What I am saying, though, is that I do live in a world that revolves around meetings, deadlines, working with people and constantly being "on."

Now is my time to focus on me and what I want to do, not who or what I am obligated to do or see.

I am excited to use my social distancing time as an excuse to tentatively remove myself from relationships that I already wanted a break from, and I recommend everyone else uses this time to do this too.

Again, I realize how selfish and minor this sounds, especially when there are people who are ill or working on the front lines. I have so much gratitude for those serving others right now, but at a time where my job tasks are non-essential, why not begin serving myself?

Just think of all the people you can painlessly cut off during this time! Just think of all those random errands you force yourself to do that you simply don't want or need to do right now!

So long as it doesn't impede your ability to provide for yourself or be happy, I say cut it out.

You don't have to send that acquaintance a birthday text, OK?

You don't have to listen to your friend complain about her boyfriend for the 245th time this week if you don't have it in you.

You don't have to check in with that old friend if they haven't taken the time to check in with you.

Certainly, you don't have to go anywhere during this time either... for the sake of everyone's safety.

This is your time to cultivate power over your social life and mental health.

This is your time to avoid the energy drainers in your life. This is your time to focus on anything you want to do, not just what is expected of you.

Just ask all the crumbs on my bed about it.

Instead of depleting my energy finishing projects or stressing out about next semester, I have been snacking, binging shows and reading.

Friendships, relationships, work -- it can all be stressful. All these people and places are pushing for people to stick together and be there for each other. The truth is, though, this may be the time for some people to take a break from "togetherness" and focus on themselves.

People grow apart. Interests change. Passions, goals, motivations evolve.

In the hustle and bustle of our normal, daily lives, it's hard to take a break from anyone or anything because we see it as an obligation.

But, obligations can drain you, it's time to admit that.

Of course, no matter what, there will always be people and tasks to complete that you feel obligated to hold on to. There will always be events and moments you still want to be a part of. Friendships can be rebuilt, they can grow, but if you have been thinking for the past few months

"Huh, I'm not getting anything out of this,"

potentially it is time to move on then.

When all this is over, I want to be proud of who I have in my life. I want to be excited to see a select group of people who I am going to continue texting or Facetiming on the daily.

Most of all, though, I want to ensure that when things go back to normal, I don't keep feeding into the things that do not serve me.

Whatever you usually want to avoid in your normal day to day life is what you could choose to ghost right now.

Take note of the things or people you don't want to see when we get back to the "new normal" because clearly, those things are meant to change.

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