To The Girl Who Loves Deeply, Don't Let One Breakup Change That

To The Girl Who Loves Deeply, Don't Let One Breakup Change That

The ability to love so wholeheartedly is a beautiful thing.


Let me explain to you what it's like to love deeply. We are different than everyone else. We pour love into everything and everyone and never stop. We pour out our love until we are empty and everyone else is full. When you love deeply, you don't know how to stop giving. It's impossible to stop because it's who we are. We always try to help others, no matter how much it hurts us. It's one of the most beautiful things about loving deeply, but it is also one of the most dangerous. For when you love deeply, you also hurt deeply.

Those who love deeply have a special fire within them. We use that fire to light up the darkness we see in others. Our fire spreads to people who need it, but only temporarily. These are the people who only say they love you, for they see your fire and recognize they do not have their own. These are the people who will take as much of your fire as possible, leaving you only with a few glowing embers to rebuild yourself with.

There is a vicious cycle we seem to fall into and cannot escape. We love, we give, we end up empty. Over and over again this happens, almost as if we do not recognize the pattern. We do. We recognize the pattern. We recognize it all too well, but we can't help it. You see, we give and give and give because we don't understand how others could do the opposite. It doesn't make sense that some people take and take and take without giving anything in return.

We get stuck loving people we shouldn't love because we think we need to help them. We feel like we have no choice but to fill them up. So, time after time, we fill them up, and then they leave. Then we hurt. We hurt so badly. We feel inadequate, not good enough to keep someone. All our giving only created someone who finally felt good enough about themselves that they could leave us. Yet, we rebuild ourselves because we know it wasn't a waste. We helped someone. We gave and gave until they didn't need us to give anymore. So, we keep giving, just to someone new who needs it.

As much as this is terrifying, it is beautiful. It is amazing to be able to spread love everywhere. It is genuinely a gift that so many people are not lucky enough to have. This is why I encourage you to keep loving deeply, no matter how many times you get hurt. You have the incredible power to lift others up, to light their fire. You are a giver and you should embrace that. One day you will meet someone who stops taking. You will meet someone who, like you, is a giver. This is the day your fire will shine bright and never dim. But until then, don't put your fire out. As defeated as you may feel, keep going, and keep giving. Because loving deeply is a trait so few people experience, but we are so lucky to have.

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I Don't Believe In Love At First Sight, But There's No Time Frame For Love

The clock does not tick to time you on how fast you take to fall in love. The clock only ticks for the people that love genuinely... and eternally.

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity."
- Henry Van Dyke

"For those who love, time is eternity." The end of this magnificent statement by poet Henry Van Dyke epitomizes the philosophical ideas that are parallel to contextualizing what 'love' is and how 'falling in love' varies from its common misperceptions and what people mistake it to be.

There is a strong distinction between infatuation and love. Often times, people convince themselves they found the loves of their lives and believe they are head over heels for the person they, in reality, only found a temporary liking to. Infatuation is defined as "an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something."

There are two factors that often contribute to an infatuated mindset:

First, a physical attraction. A person is often so warped up in a physical liking to another person that they don't take the time to take into account the other person's personality. It is a hindrance of a connection between two souls. The attraction is rooted in sexual desire with a complete lack of emotional bond.

Second, the idea of being with someone, rather than actually loving that person for who they are. I am a victim of this personally. There was a person who came into my life VERY briefly, and there was a fast and scary attachment on his end. When I ended things with him, he disparaged me and threatened me. His behavior not only shows his own psychological issues but also the fact that he never cared about me, to begin with. He was only interested in the IDEA of a perfect relationship and the IDEA of loving someone else, rather than take his time and fall for me as I am.

That is why I don't believe in love at first sight because it is always infatuation. It is a facade. A lie. None of it is real love.

Although I oppose this ideology of love at first sight, I don't think that means there is a time frame that is pertinent to when falling in love may occur. There is no way of determining how long it takes to fall in love with the right person. Depending on the two souls and how much time you spend with one another each day, it could be days, months, or even years. Love is hard. It is an abstract principle that cannot be explained with a straightforward answer.

Only you can really tell yourself if you're in love or not. Only you can determine the intensity of your feelings and if these feelings elicit comfort, stability, and pride. Don't let people invalidate your love if it happens more quickly than usual. Sometimes, it just happens. People get lucky and find their person instantaneously. Nobody REALLY knows the emotional connection you share with anyone or the ins-and-outs of your relationship EXCEPT YOU. They aren't in a relationship with you. Only you and your partner are in the relationship. Even if it's the other way around, sometimes the intensity doesn't happen right away. Some people love faster than others. We all have on our own clocks and schedules. It will all be OK. You are OK.

The clock does not tick to time you on how fast you take to fall in love. The clock only ticks for the people that love genuinely... and eternally.

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11 Celebrity Engagement Rings That Prove You Need To Marry Someone With Deep Pockets

To get the ring that you have been dreaming of, you need a man with a lot of money.


They say that money is not everything, which is true. But money does not hurt. Every girl has dreamed of what their engagement ring should look like. For some women, that dream can only come true if the man she is getting ready to marry has some deep pockets.

Here are some celebrity engagement rings that make you want to marry someone with money:

1. Jennifer Lopez

The 16k diamond ring that ARod put on JLo's hand is a ring that women everywhere can only dream of. The ring itself is worth $1.8 million.

2. Katherine Schwarzenegger

Katherine's ring is gorgeous!!! It shows that Chris Pratt has some good taste. The cushion diamond cut is between six and ten carats.

3. Lady Gaga 

Of Course, Lady Gaga Has a $400,000 Pink Engagement Ring

Lady Gaga's ring is almost as unique as her. This gorgeous pink diamond engagement ring cost an estimate of $400,000.

4. Meghan Markle - Duchess of Sussex 

What Does a £1.5 Million Engagement Ring Looks Like?

Meghan Markle's engagement ring is subtle but beautiful. The ring has a classic and traditional look. It is the ring of every girl's dreams.

5. Grace Kelly

Wow, that ring! | Grace Kelly and the Royals of Monaco | Pinterest | Grace kelly engagement ring, Grace kelly and Grace kelly style

Yes, we are throwing it back all the way to the 1950s to admire this beautiful ring. Grace Kelly's stunner is an estimated $4.06 million. Grace Kelly had the fairytale ring and wedding that most have dreamed of.

6. Michelle Wie

Golf Star Michelle Wie Engaged To Son Of NBA Hall Of Famer Jerry West

Michelle Wie's oval diamond ring is fitting for her superstar status. The ring fits her hand and style perfectly.

7. Kate Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William praises Kate and cheekily mocks Harry at charity launch

Kate's engagement ring has a certain wow factor. The ring features a 12-carat oval Ceylon center stone surrounded 14 solitaire diamonds. The sapphire ring which belonged to Princess Diane.

8. Elizabeth Taylor

The Most Iconic Old Hollywood Engagement Rings

Elizabeth Taylor has always had beautiful engagement rings, but this one is the ring that made me fall in love with emerald cut. It is a 24.9 carat emerald cut diamond ring that sold for $3.7 million at an auction in 2011.

9. Serena Williams

A Count Down Of 34 Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings

Serena's amazing engagement is over 10 carats. The emerald diamond cut is likely to set you back a couple of hundred thousands dollars.

10. Katy Perry

Katy Perry's engagement ring is too cute. Engagement rings that are unlike anything else are the kind of rings that I dream of. This ring was custom made just for her.

11. Allison Strokke

Allison square or cushion cut ring is gorgeous. It really fits into the trend of engagement rings. The cushion rings are becoming more popular.

All of these engagement rings can be inspired by women. The rings are all so different in many ways. The one thing that all of these rings have in common is the men have deep pockets. A girl wants a man who is going to spare no expense when it comes to picking out an engagement ring for you. To get the ring that you have been dreaming of, you need a man with a lot of money.

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