When I say WWE, what is your first thought? To some it is that's fake, some it's real, some hate it, and some love it. Now, what if a girl tells you she watches WWE and goes to the live shows. What're your thoughts then? Your initial reaction is she's just in it for the guys. However, I can prove you wrong.

I'm a female and I love the WWE. It's not all about the boys for me, but about the entertainment of it all. Each week is something new. While there are times that it may be slow or the story might not be one that is liked by the audience there is always a good and bad guy.

About eight years ago I started watching WWE Monday Night Raw and at the time Smackdown was not live nor was it on Tuesday nights. I did not immediately fall in love. I liked it and would watch and I knew some of the names because it's hard not to.

John Cena, and Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson; were huge names in the industry. At first, I did not realize it was fake but then I learned that it is scripted. What really intrigued me was they go into the match and give it their all even though they know the outcome already.

These men and women are true showmen. They are actors as well as athletes. The first time I fell in love was my first Monday Night Raw. It was by far the best experience ever and now I can't get enough. I have met many of the superstars and there are some I still strive to meet.

My first Monday Night Raw my mom and I didn't really know what to expect. From the entrances to the pyro, to the chants the atmosphere was every bit of electric. Through the years we have gone to many Monday Night Raws because they are live on TV. Now Smackdown is Smackdown Live, and it is on Tuesday nights. We go to those now as well. Three years ago Mom and I took on our first Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania is the Super Bowl of the WWE. We headed to Dallas along with 101 some odd thousand other people. The next year we did it all over again and traveled to Orlando. Wrestlemania is unforgettable and while you may be thinking it's the same thing don't you get tired. The answer is no because there is always something to grab your attention.

It's fun to sit on the couch or be in the audience and see clips from shows you've been at. It's cool to go home and re-watch and see yourself on live TV. It's even better when it's your 20th birthday and John Cena waves and tells you have a happy birthday from the ring.

Each moment is unlike any other and each time you make more memories. As I mentioned I fell in love with the WWE. So much so hopefully I can meet the top people who run the company one day. Speaking of meeting people I got to meet one of my favorite athletes this past year at Wresltemania, and that was Roman Reigns. That is an experience that will never be taken away from me. That moment will never be recreated and that's why I love this business.

The female athletes have made a name for themselves as well and I can say I am thankful to have met Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Brie Bella. Brie and her sisters Nikki are role models to me and I love them both equally.

So no it's not all about the boys. It's about the memories, the excitement, and most importantly the entertainment that only the WWE can recreate.