10 Gifts For That Person In Your Life Who Loves Sports Way Too Much

10 Gifts For That Person In Your Life Who Loves Sports Way Too Much

All the gifts sports fans will love for the holidays.


Every year during the holidays, it can be hard to shop for men. Lots of them are sports fans, maybe even die-hard sports fans. Like my boyfriend, for example.

Sports fan are the easiest to shop for, but here is a list of some of the best gifts sports fans like your boyfriend, husband, brother, cousin, etc. will thoroughly enjoy this holiday season.

1. A team jersey. 

Green Bay Packers #12 Aaron Rodgers Home Legend Jersey at the Packers Pro Shop


This one is probably the most obvious, I'm sure, but can be a bit pricey. It definitely depends on what kind of sports jersey you get! You don't have to go all out, as long as it has their name on the back and it's their favorite team you're good to go. I found this one for $79.95, which I think is a good price because I paid $100 for my boyfriend's Packers jersey! You could also just find a T-shirt that has the name on the back and the team and that would work just as good.

2. A team blanket. 

NBA Los Angeles Lakers Super-Plush Raschel Throw Blanket


I think these are such a winner. I love nice plush cozy blankets, and I'm sure everyone else does as well. Your boyfriend will love having his favorite sports team on a blanket, especially a nice plush one. Bed Bath and Beyond has great deals for these kinds of blankets, and this one is only $24.99!

3. A travel Tumbler. 

Pittsburgh Steelers 30oz. Ultra Travel Tumbler


I've had my boyfriend consistently ask me for a packer's tumbler cup, and I guess this would actually make such a good gift! They can put any sort of drink they want in it, hot or cold, and it's a big bonus that they have their favorite sports team on there. I found this one on Amazon for only $20.48!

4. Team slippers.

Green Bay Packers Moccasin Slipper - Tan


Honestly, how could you say no to these? Any kinds of slippers are a keeper, and your boyfriend with mostly enjoy the fact it has his team on it. Especially during the cold winter, nice moccasins or cozy slippers are perfect for men. I found these on sale for $26.24 and they have almost all the teams!

5. Any type of clothing.

Men's Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Pro Line by Fanatics Branded Black Team Lockup Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Any type of clothing item that has their team on it, is a keeper. It can range from shirts to sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, etc. Any type of clothing is perfect for a holiday gift and they can wear it till their heart's content. This kind of gift never gets old and it's very rare if they end up not liking it. You can definitely find some really good sales on these gifts as well. I found this sweatshirt on sale for only $18.74!

6. A sports mug.

Ohio State Buckeyes 32oz. Macho Mug with Handle


I've found this to be a great gift for your dad, grandpa, or even for your husband/boyfriend. I've seen gifts like this throughout my lifetime, and they've always been the perfect gift! Sports mugs are a classic, and there is no doubt that the person you're giving it to will love it! I found some on Amazon for only $24.95, which isn't such a bad deal.

7. Team bedding.

NFL New England Patriots Draft Comforter Set


This one might be a bit too much, but it such a nice gift for your boyfriend, brother, friend, cousin, etc. I've had my boyfriend ask me for this multiple times, so it must be something sports fan actually wish to have, maybe not all, but still! If you know a die-hard sports fan, this might be the gift for them. I found one on Amazon for $44.99!

8. A baseball hat. 

Men's New York Yankees New Era Navy League 9FORTY Adjustable Hat


You can never go wrong with a simple baseball cap as a gift. Every team possible has a baseball cap with their team on it and it's not very hard to find! They're super comfortable and lots of guys do wear it. They range in all kinds of prices and you can find some really good deals on them. I found this one for $19.99, which was one of the cheapest I found compared to ones that were good quality.

9. A pennant. 

Chicago Cubs Pennant


Simple, but definitely effective. Sports fan will love to hang this up anywhere in their house or bedroom. It's so simple but something they will be glad to have. Not to mention, they're pretty cheap and you don't have to break the bank when purchasing them. I found this one for only $5.95!

10. A team ornament.

Green Bay Packers Large Tinsel Ball Ornament


I think these are the sweetest gifts to give to sports fans. They'll be able to put it on their Christmas Tree for the next few years and they'll look forward to putting it on their tree every year. It's a sweet and knowledgeable gift that they will definitely enjoy! You can find all different kinds of ornaments that will fit their taste of style. I found this one for only $5.99!

These are some of the best gifts most sports fans will be glad to open up on Christmas. Sports fans aren't the hardest to shop for, but these were just a few ideas that can make you start thinking or even start buying!

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The Coach That Killed My Passion

An open letter to the coach that made me hate a sport I once loved.

I fell in love with the game in second grade. I lived for every practice and every game. I lived for the countless hours in the gym or my driveway perfecting every shot, every pass and every move I could think of. Every night after dinner, I would go shoot and would not allow myself to go inside until I hit a hundred shots. I had a desire to play, to get better and to be the best basketball player I could possibly be.

I had many coaches between church leagues, rec leagues, personal coaches, basketball camps, middle school and high school. Most of the coaches I had the opportunity to play for had a passion for the game like I did. They inspired me to never stop working. They would tell me I had a natural ability. I took pride in knowing that I worked hard and I took pride in the compliments that I got from my coaches and other parents. I always looked forward to the drills and, believe it or not, I even looked forward to the running. These coaches had a desire to teach, and I had a desire to learn through every good and bad thing that happened during many seasons. Thank you to the coaches that coached and supported me through the years.

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Along with the good coaches, are a few bad coaches. These are the coaches that focused on favorites instead of the good of the entire team. I had coaches that no matter how hard I worked, it would never be good enough for them. I had coaches that would take insults too far on the court and in the classroom.

I had coaches that killed my passion and love for the game of basketball.

When a passion dies, it is quite possibly the most heartbreaking thing ever. A desire you once had to play every second of the day is gone; it turns into dreading every practice and game. It turns into leaving every game with earphones in so other parents don't talk to you about it. It meant dreading school the next day due to everyone talking about the previous game. My passion was destroyed when a coach looked at me in the eyes and said, "You could go to any other school and start varsity, but you just can't play for me."

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Looking back now at the amount of tears shed after practices and games, I just want to say to this coach: Making me feel bad about myself doesn't make me want to play and work hard for you, whether in the classroom or on the court. Telling me that, "Hard work always pays off" and not keeping that word doesn't make me want to work hard either. I spent every minute of the day focusing on making sure you didn't see the pain that I felt, and all of my energy was put towards that fake smile when I said I was OK with how you treated me. There are not words for the feeling I got when parents of teammates asked why I didn't play more or why I got pulled after one mistake; I simply didn't have an answer. The way you made me feel about myself and my ability to play ball made me hate myself; not only did you make me doubt my ability to play, you turned my teammates against me to where they didn't trust my abilities. I would not wish the pain you caused me on my greatest enemy. I pray that one day, eventually, when all of your players quit coming back that you realize that it isn't all about winning records. It’s about the players. You can have winning records without a good coach if you have a good team, but you won’t have a team if you can't treat players with the respect they deserve.

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Cover Image Credit: Equality Charter School

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Figure Skating Is A Mental Game

Being a competitive athlete, there's many downs but there are moments where it's worth while.


I feel so anxious that it feels like someone is constantly breathing down my neck. My heart is beating at 100 mph. My insides are tightening up and my palms are sweaty. My legs are frozen to a point where they are numb. The smell of hairspray and the taste of red lipstick lingers. The feeling of the ice against my blades is music to my ears. I tied my skates multiple times so it feels perfect. I keep moving to keep warm.

"Am I supposed to feel this way?".

"It's okay to feel this way, it's normal. I would be concerned if you didn't. Nevertheless, I believe in you. You have worked so hard for this".

"I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders, right now. If I don't do well, I failed everyone even myself".

"Don't think like that, you have prepared yourself well and you should have faith in yourself also. No matter what happens today, you should be proud of what you have accomplished in over the years you have skated. This is a lesson in life. If something knocks you down seven times, you get up eight times. That's what this sport has taught you. You are stronger than you think. This is your passion so let go of all of reality now and skate for yourself. Show everyone what you can do, this is your moment".

"Thank you, for everything".

She's right, you are stronger than you think. This is a mental game. If you tear yourself down, you're going to go down. Focus, you have to focus. As she said, you love this sport, the adrenaline and the feeling of being powerful. For once, you actually feel beautiful. Never mind that, but you are beautiful. Outside and in, and beautiful to watch. Skating is my escape from reality which is everything that I don't want, what I don't need. The pressure of being perfect, the mental breakdowns, the fear of failure, and the fear of getting hurt. Anything can happen within any moment but it's a risk that's worth taking.

Just forget it, there's no need to keep dwelling on the things that you can't change. This, right now, is all about you. This is your moment. Take it and never let go.

"And our next skater representing the Summit Figure Skating Club of North Carolina, Jessica Tran".

"Alright, do it to it".

I went out with a smile, the crowd cheering me on as I am getting ready to start my program.

"Breathe, take a deep breath. You got this, trust yourself".

As soon as I stood right in front of the judges, I was ready. The music began, filling the rink with a sudden shock. I turned on my character, my determination, and my love for skating.

Once the music stopped, everything stopped. It went by so fast that all I could really remember was the moment I finished. The heavy breathing, the sore arms, and weak legs. With a huge smile, I bowed to the judges and then to the crowd. I did it. I didn't care about the small mistakes that I did. I didn't care that I landed a difficult element. I didn't care that I fell on the easiest thing that I could do. All that mattered was the fact that I kept going. At the end of the day, medal or not, I'm still a winner.

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