It's easy to let going out every Thursday through Saturday make up the bulk of your weekend. Want to binge watch your Shameless again before the new season begins? Why not, you've got all weekend to do the rest of your work! The mentality that what we don't do today can be done tomorrow is destroying our ability to get things done.

It's easy to do this, especially as a freshman, but that's what gets you into the pickle I know many of us will all be in come December when we realize how much we screwed ourselves over procrastinating. Classes may seem like they've never been this easy, and you're just cruising through them with minimal effort or care, but once you become a sophomore, you have to get your act together. Classes are just going to up in intensity, and the amount of homework you'll have due all at the same time is going to boggle your mind.

Use a planner, write everything down, keep organized. Write all of your due dates down for everything, especially exams, so you don't have to scramble the day before an exam you "never knew about." Trust me, I've crammed last second for so many exams, and I almost always do horrible, and it's all my fault for not getting my act together. My first and second year of college, I just did everything on a whim and expected others to teach me what I didn't get, but you cannot have people helping you forever. You have to do things on your own.

Once I switched majors, I got my act together big time. I used my planner, organized my binders and didn't leave paperwork all over the place disorganized. It's amazing how helpful it is to just have a folder with everything in it being from the right class, or having a binder with looseleaf dated correctly with what lecture you went to, and notes that can be read clearly. By doing my work a few days before it was due, instead of on the morning it was due, I learned better time management, and wasn't stressed out for quizzes and exams.

Falling behind means falling into a dark hold with no way out. You'll get stressed to the max, and wonder what on this earth made you choose the major you're in.

Pick something you love regardless of money and pursue it. It's hard to get ahead when you don't care about what you are doing, or have no goals for the future. Set some goals, no matter how small or large, and pursue them to the best of your ability.

I'm not saying be school 24/7, but make it more of a priority over partying or socializing more so than not. Those who party 24/7 will not be able to ever excel in their classes as you would since you show you care. When you graduate, the amount of partying you do isn't going to matter. Your grades always will, clubs, and friendships as well, not who can shotgun a beer the best.