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10 Recurring Ruminations Every College Student Taking Summer Classes Has Pondered

A test due on a Monday in the summer? Wow, I guess this whole summer class thing is a lot more work than I'm cut out for.

college student taking campus bus to summer classes

Every summer tons of students make the decision to take classes to either catch up in school or maybe just get ahead. It always sounds like a good idea at first, but you'll be regretting your decision in a few weeks (or days) time. These hilarious quotes will leave you either laughing over how relatable they are or thanking yourself for deciding not to take a class this summer break.

"How in the hell did my advisor convince me to do this"


Your advisor may be super intellectual and know what they're talking about when they first advised you to take classes this summer, but they don't REALLY know you. Maybe you're just not the type of person cut out to spend their summer studying away. Some students just need a vacation, and that's totally understandable.

"Where are all my friends? Now I have no one to study with"


Being in school over the break means it's pretty likely not a lot of your friends are still at school with you. You'll find yourself missing your old study buddies and dreading going to the library alone.

"Did my professor really just assign homework to be due every day of the week???"


It's as if some teachers have nothing better to do all summer than make your life miserable. Sorry that some people would like to spend their summer doing more than just sitting at a desk.

"I have a test due Wednesday??? That was supposed to be my beach day"


You constantly will find yourself having to cancel plans to finish studying for a test or working on schoolwork. It really kills the summer vibes.

"Ugh sorry guys I can't go out tonight I have homework due at midnight"


You'll realize that procrastination truly is your worst enemy in the summer. Suddenly all your time is spent either doing homework or stressing about when your next homework is due.

"I have no motivation to do ANYTHING today"


Often you'll realize that you have no energy left to do anything even remotely related to learning. It's like your brain just needs to take a break, kick back, and relax. Some days are just gonna to be more productive than others.

"Caffeine and the heat totallllly don't mix"


Unlike in school during the rest of the year the summer has you sweating overtime you walk out. This creates a real issue when you wanna go for a mid-day coffee binge and then leaves you feeling like you're dying.

"Oh, no... I totally forgot to submit that assignment while out of town for vacation"


Multitasking is not for everyone. Of course you think you can do it all, have a fun summer vacay while also keeping up with your summer schoolwork, but it's nearly impossible. How can I be expected to remember to write a paper on the civil war while I'm laying on the beach in Cabo???

"Why did my friends tell me this wouldn't be that hard, that was totally a lie!"


Listening to everyone talk about their positive experiences taking summer classes gets really old when you realize that was a definite lie. Yeah, it great afterward when you have all these extra credit hours saved up, but at the moment you feel like your dying. Don't worry, you get through this summer eventually.

"Wow, I'm gonna be so ahead in school, I'll barely have to take any classes this fall"


The real reason to take summer classes, to get ahead to that you can spend more of your time at school having good ole fun. You'll be happy you spent your summer drowning in essays when football season comes around and you have a lot less schoolwork to worry about than usual. Sometimes it's just nice to give yourself a break and only take 12 credit hours a semester.

You may think your summer is a total bummer right now, but you'll be thanking yourself later. No one LIKES taking summer classes, but I promise you'll get through it.

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