Geno Smith Gets His Jaw Broken Over $600
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Geno Smith Gets His Jaw Broken Over $600

The New York Jets messed up their 2015-2016 football season before it even started.

Geno Smith Gets His Jaw Broken Over $600

On Aug. 11, Jets starting quarterback (if he can even be considered a QB) was "sucker punched" in the face by the sixth-round draft pick, IK Enemkpali. This sucker punch caused Geno to break his jaw which means he will miss the next six to 10 weeks of football. As a Patriots fan, this is absolutely hysterical. Actually, as a football fan, this is absolutely hysterical. There are so many things wrong with a starting quarterback getting punched in the face and breaking his jaw it is, no pun intended, jaw dropping.

One of, if not the most important player on the field, is your quarterback. Football is a team sport, I firmly believe there is not one player that wins or loses a game. However, when it comes to quarterbacks, the team will only do as well as the quarterback does. That does not mean if the Patriots lose it is Tom Brady's fault. It does mean that the better Tom Brady plays, the better the Patriots do. Because of this fact, I can not even begin to fathom one of the offensive lineman watching a sixth-round pick, basically a nobody, who played a total of 37 snaps all of last season, hit your starting QB. If I am Geno Smith, and I am going to get in someone's face, I would hope that every lineman has my back. If I am Todd Bowles the first thing I do, after kicking IK Enemkpali off the team, is go to to every lineman and hold them accountable.

Now, some people may say that he was sucker punched, but he was in fact not sucker punched. Apparently, Geno Smith did not show up to a charity event that Enemkpali was putting on. A family member of Smith's had passed away, and he decided not to attend the event. I completely understand Smith's decision and would do the same. However, Enemkpali, who is known for being "really tight about money" said Ryan Clarke, former safety in the NFL, asked Smith for the $600 that he paid for Smith's transportation and Smith would not give it to him. One report, however, has Smith pointing his finger in Enemkpali's face saying, "Well you're not going to do anything about it." If you're asking me, that sounds like a guy who deserved to get punched, not a broken jaw, but punched.

Another thing that is wrong with this entire altercation is the fact that it was about money. Geno Smith, who has over three million dollars guaranteed in his rookie contract, can afford a $600 plane ticket. I have no idea where this tough guy sense of his came from in thinking that he did not need to pay people back. This whole situation bewilders me because the Jets are a team who are a quarterback away from being a very good team.

As a Patriots fan looking at the Jets franchise, I can't help but feel a little bad. Actually, I do not feel bad at all. This is what happens when you are a complete joke of an organization and draft players with attitude problems. If organizations can't motivate a player enough to get them from fighting each other over $600, then I have absolutely no respect for your coaches or front office. Great job, Jets, you once again are the biggest joke of the NFL.

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