Dear future husband,

Every girl has dreamt of her perfect wedding with the man of her dreams. We all wanted the knight in shining armor to sweep us off our feet and living happily ever after. Growing up, watching Disney movies was a weekly routine. The looks that the male characters (princes) gave to the female characters (princesses) when they weren’t looking is how I want a guy to look at me. I have heard several girls say “Thanks Disney for giving me unrealistic hopes of how guys should act.” I don’t think they have set unrealistic characteristics of how a guy should act. If a guy is in love, he will end up doing everything he can to be his girlfriend’s knight in shining armor. I have five tips to help you while we are dating.

1.)Spend time with me and MY FAMILY.

My family is very important to me and I want them to like you just as much as I do. It doesn’t mean that we have to spend be with them every time we are together, but I want you to feel comfortable around them because they will be your family too.

2.)Make me laugh!!

I absolutely love to laugh; laughing is my favorite. All you have to do in order to get me to laugh is tell me a cheesy joke, pun, or pick-up line. I know most people think they are lame, but I find them hilarious and sweet!

3.)Do NOT make me always plan the dates.

I don’t mind picking where to eat, where to go, and what to do. However, I find it really romantic if you have planned out the date. Even if you just plan to hang out at your house and watch movies, it comes off as thoughtful. Do not tell me what to do and how to act. Planning a date is completely different than being bossy. There is a difference between “Hey I planned our date and it’s a surprise” and “we are going out right now, so get dressed and be ready in 10.”

4.)Take me to things you like to do.

We are in a relationship, and in a relationship, there are two people. I want to see you do the things you love just as you want to see me do things I love. If you want to go fishing, I’ll go with you. If you want to spend time with your family, I will hang out with them too.

5.)Let me spoil you just as much as you spoil me.

I enjoy giving people things. It brings joy to my heart. It can be the little things like making you supper, bringing you lunch, or just hugging you or it can be gifts like a watch you wanted, new hunting/fishing gear, or taking you to eat at your favorite restaurant. Most girls believe the guy should do everything, but I believe there should be equality in the entire relationship.


Your future wife