20 Chivalrous Gestures That Will Never Go Out Of Style
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20 Chivalrous Gestures That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Chivalry is not dead, ladies and gents.

20 Chivalrous Gestures That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Hello Beautiful Friends,

How many of y’all have gone on a date that made you question where chivalry went?

Probably a good portion of the people reading this article. WHICH IS SAD.

How many of y’all have gone on a date where you were amazed by his chivalry and asked yourself where this chivalrous man has been all your life?

Hopefully, a ton of you reading this have said that before about someone.

Chivalry is key and so important when it comes to dating and marriage.

You might be asking yourself, “what is chivalry?” Don’t worry, Merriam’s got you. Chivalry is “marked by gracious courtesy and high-minded consideration especially to women."

This is amazing and shows how important it is to be chivalrous to women and all people. Chivalry shows that you care about someone and are vowing to treat them right and show them respect.

I am a firm believer in chivalry and executing what it entails. It really is about THE LITTLE THINGS that mean the most.

Here are 20 examples of my favorite chivalrous gestures that men do:

1. They open car doors.

This one is huge, because it shows that you care enough about you to get the car door and ensure you’re safe. This gesture is my favorite and the sweetest in my opinion. It means a lot because little things like this always remind you that he is thinking of you and respecting you.

2. They walk on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street.

This one is very important because when a guy walks closest to the street he is ensuring that if anything bad happens, he would prefer to be the one it happens to. Another reason why this is so important is because it is showing you that the man really does want you to be safe and that is very sweet. When a guy does this for me I know I get giddy and very excited.

3. They walk you to the door.

Where has this gone? Nowadays people text "here." NOOO! Let's bring back walking people from the door to the car and then from the car to the door. This is a very kind gesture because they took the time to get out of the car and walk you like a gentleman. Anyone can text "here," but it takes someone special to get out of the car and walk you.

4. They listen to you and ask questions.

How many people have been talking to someone and realized they were not paying attention? If you said no, I'm impressed. I can't count the number of times that I have been talking to someone and they were not listening, instead they were planning on what they were going to say next. When a guy is genuinely listening and asks questions about you and your interests, that is the most romantic thing ever because he genuinely wants to learn about you.

5. They bring you flowers.

FLOWERS. FLOWERS. FLOWERS. This is one of the sweetest and most simple ways to make a girl smile. Flowers are every girls dream, because we can put them in our room and then when we see them we always think of you (bonus for you).

6. They stay off of their phone when they are with you.

This one is important in our society. How many people are guilty of being on their phone when hanging out with friends? Family? Boyfriends/Girlfriends? This epidemic is taking over and it needs to stop. When you are hanging out with someone in PERSON, give them your time and stay off your phone. When a guy does this, it shows that YOU are the only thing in that span of time that he cares about.

7. They call you, instead of texting.

Calling is very romantic, just look at all the old movies where the guy and girl would spend hours all night on the phone. Genuine conversations are what make people fall for you and stay interested. Sure we love looking at attractive models, but if we can’t hold a conversation with them, it will never work out.

8. They write you letters.

I know we all wish we could be Allie, from "The Notebook," and if a man writes you letters then you could be honestly. Letters are a very simple, but effective form of showing you care and how much you appreciate someone. Letters have a romantic connotation to them, so when someone writes you a letter it means a lot. So when a man writes a girl a letter, he is showing his affection through his words, which is very endearing.

9. They dance with you.

Who loves to dance? I know I love to dance! Isn’t it romantic when a guy knows how to properly two-step and sweep you off your feet (literally)? Dancing is the simplest way to show love because you are connected to someone and as you dance you become closer to them. When a guy starts to dance in the kitchen with you, while making a meal that is the most sincere gesture you will ever encounter. Guys, ladies love to dance! Pro tip for you!

10. They remember what you say and bring it up.

Have you ever been talking to someone and asked their opinion on something, only to hear them say they weren’t actually listening to you? Remembering what people say and bringing it up is an important life skill and relationship skill. When you remember little details that people say and bring that up in a conversation, that speaks volumes to them and proves that you care what they have to say. In a relationship, this is extremely important because when you care about someone, you should remember what they say (little and big things) and always try your best to make sure they know that you are always listening to them.

11. They give you their jacket.

This one is the cutest thing to have done to you or watch happen to someone else. Guys, you are amazing at offering your jackets to girls when we are cold. This simple act of kindness makes our hearts skip a beat and smile non stop. This is one of the easiest, yet beautiful gestures on this list.

12. They make their feelings known and are vulnerable.

How many people have liked someone and had no idea whatsoever if they liked you back? Probably 90 percent of you reading this. When a guy directly states what his intentions are with you, that is a big indicator on his character. When a guy wants to date you and tells you that, he is a keeper. Most of the time in our dating world today, it goes like this: “Wanna hang out?” “Sure?” Cue

13. They define the relationship.

Who is talking to someone right now? What does that even mean? Talking? “I like you, but I don’t want to commit to you. I want you to myself, but I want other options." This is crap. Let’s admit it: “talking” is an escape from commitment. Defining the relationship is very important for your feelings and the success of your relationship. When you have a title and are exclusive, it gets rid of the confusing aspects of when people have no idea what the boundaries are or what they are with someone. When a guy wants to define the relationship and make it exclusive with a name, he is respecting your feelings and ensuring you that he is committed to you. I don’t know about you, but in our dating world today, this means a lot when someone wants to commit, so this is very special to do.

14. They respect you.

Respect is the key to a successful relationship. Guys who respect women are incredible, period. Respect means that someone cares enough about you to be courteous and mindful of your feelings. This is a big deal in any relationship because it is important to be mindful of others and their wishes, so when guys take this into consideration it means they care about you a lot in a deep way.

15. They do things they don’t enjoy to make you happy.

How many of y’all have ever done something you didn’t want to do for a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, your parents, etc? It probably wasn’t your ideal activity, but I bet you had fun anyways. When a guy or girl does something that they don’t want to do, but their significant other does, that is HUGE! This is a ginormous deal because it shows that they can put their pride away, put your happiness first and make the most of every situation they are put in.

16. They ask for your parent’s blessing.

This one is mostly for marriage, but it could work for dating too. How romantic is it for a guy to go to your parents, ask for their blessing to marry/date you, and then surprise you with a ring or a relationship. This one is very old-fashioned, but I think it shows that the guy has enough love and respect for you and your family that he would want your family to approve of him and have their permission.

17. They stay off their phone.

I think we all need this reminder sometimes. It is hard to put your phone down for five seconds, I get it. But when a guy/girl puts their phone away when they spend time with you, it shows that you are their main priority in that moment and that is so special. It is special because in the world we live in today, everyone is constantly on their phone, even people who are in a relationship. I will always be a firm believer that quality time and conversations in person is the way to go.

18. They flirt with you always.

Even when you are 90-something, you should still be flirting. Yes, you read that correctly. You should still flirt because it keeps the spark alive. You flirt to get someone interested in you, so it only makes sense to flirt even after you got them, to keep them interested right? Right. Flirting is an essential part in a relationship. It’s playful, humorous, and it’s fun. Keep flirting, homies!

19. They never stop doing what it took to get you.

How many of y’all have been in a relationship where the second you were official the guy quit trying and stopped doing things to keep you? This is so important because it shows that even after being together they still want to keep pursuing you and want to keep impressing you. I think this is one of the most important gestures because it shows that he won the prize, but realizes he should keep trying to win the prize every day.

20. They stick with you, even when things get hard.

Nowadays people run away after the first thing that scares them, which is cowardly. People are so afraid to tough things out, so when guys/gals stay in relationships after a fight or disagreement, then you know they are in it for the long haul. Couples who stick through fights and obstacles are the most successful ones, but it takes effort from both people in the relationship to make it work and make it successful.

I hope y’all enjoyed this article on some amazing chivalrous gestures that will never go out of style!

Love Your Friend,

Lexi Barry:)

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