10 Things UCF Freshman Can't Learn On A Zoom Call

The University of Central Florida is located in the beautiful and sunny Orlando, Florida. Tucked right on the outside of the city, UCF has a little corner of its own. With just a short road trip to the east coast beaches, or Disney world, UCF is in a perfect location. So, when I first stepped on campus knowing this was going to be my home for the next four, it just felt different. It's very upsetting that among the countless other things the class of 2020 aka UCF class of 2024, won't be able to experience this. In efforts to make the long dragging zoom orientations that are being held a little more worthwhile, here are 10 things UCF Freshman can't learn on a zoom call.

1. The sweat is going to come from all parts of your body, even where you didn’t think possible.

As mentioned above, UCF is right in the middle of the HOTTEST state. With school starting in the peak of summer you are going to experience those sweat beads just about everywhere. While this does seem a bit negative, all you need to do is cool of in our resort-style pool when class is over.

2. Lime Bikes or Spin Scooters are peak entertainment.

Over the past couple of years, UCF has made an effort to make students commute around campus easier. First, it was the bikes that quickly turned into art pieces on sides of buildings or stacked in various ways in all elevators. Then came the Scooters which at their top speeds of 15 mph were the choice transportation of hundreds of students who gathered together at any time to scoot around campus.


Now any college or university has one rule that everyone knows about, (mostly) everyone respects, and no one questions. Right on the ground in the middle of the most trafficked building of the student union is a giant UCF seal, and during your campus tour or basically any time at all, its mentioned to not step on the seal or else you won't graduate. Do with that information as you want, but me and the kid who failed out a year after stepping on the seal who I sat with freshman year respect that seal.

4. Rubber Duckies will make a comeback for you.

There is only one day a year, that it is acceptable to fight to the death in the reflection pond against thousands of other students for rubber ducks. Yes, you read that right, and yes Barstool Sports did come to cover this event. Spirt Splash is my #1 on college traditions that make absolutely no sense but is tons of fun.

5. Crop tops at the gym? Just don’t do it. 

Coming from someone who works at the gym and sees all of the girls who come for their Gym Shark Fashion show, It's not the time or place. First, it just sends a message to the people who are there to ACTUALLY work out on the squat machine that those 2 for $24 fabletics leggings are only being put to use for one reason. Second, it's actually not allowed. A gym employee will come and ask you to change or leave, so save the time and money…. Wear a t-shirt.

6. The walk from Pub to the dorms ISNT that bad. 

Pub; the biggest attraction for freshman on Friday nights. Although those sticky, unknown covered substance floors with a smell that hits you right in the face as soon as you walk in and jam-packed main bar seem like a turn off. It's actually very comforting and a second home for UCF students. Obviously with a GROUP and using the lighted CROSS WALKS and SIDEWALKS, the walk across the road to this highly respected establishment isn't terrible and can be the source of bonding and lots of entertainment at the end of the night.


That little piece of plastic that is normally obtained during orientation is your LIFELINE. Want to work out? UCFID. Want to eat at the dining hall? UCFID. Want to get into any and all athletic events for free? UCFID. Want to get INTO YOUR DORM? UCFID. Trust me, don't lose that thing.

8. Walking to class: Temple Run but with skateboards. 

UCF is known for being huge. But what you don't know is that in population size it's huge, in actual size…. Campus size, it's not that big. With that being said, at least once during your daily commute to class you will ABSOLUTELY come in contact with some type of wheeled something that will make your life flash before your eyes. Those automatic skateboards and professors late to class on their bikes are the worst culprits. So a pro tip, just walk in the grass.

9. All Knight Study aka AKS aka Your Best Friend.

I can say I spent more time in All Knight Study freshman year than I did in my dorm. From free scantrons, to printing, to PODCAST SPACE (didn't use it, just thought it was cool), microwaves and the sacred booths. When adjusting to college life and classes, the coursework is going to pile up. When it's late, and the library is closed and you just need that microwavable Mac n cheese and don't want to wake up your roommate while writing your ENC 1101 paper in the middle of the night, AKS is the place. I cannot say anything better for this beautiful facility, the stories, and hungover homework sessions that took place in the booths that we scouted for hours in this place.

10. If you think it’s lame, you should probably do it :)

This is just a life tip, especially in college during freshman year. When going to a big school, it might be intimidating and scary at first, especially trying to make friends or join clubs. I promise it's not and there are thousands of kids (yes, you're still a kid) are feeling the same thing. So, go to that freshman welcome block party, ask to sit with someone random at the dining hall, or ask for that cute boys snapchat in class for a homework assignment ;) (but choose wisely). Freshman year is all about new things, maybe step out of your box and try those lame things, its going to be worth it in the long run!

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