Freshman Year Of College As Told By Memes

Freshman year of college is an interesting experience for all. You're away from home with many people you do not know and basically have to start your social circle all over again. Once you get over the hump, freshman year can be pretty great.

The First Week

The first week is full of excitement: new classes, new people, new way of life. Most likely the people you first meet at school will not be your BFFs (there are some exceptions). You dress in your very best in order to make a great first impression to your teacher and peers....let me be the first to tell you that will not last long. The second week in you'll be rocking yoga pants and t-shirts.

The Papers, the Endless Papers

College is a time where you learn to somehow manage to do at least 3 hours worth of homework for 6 classes and still show up to class with a smile on your face (trying to remain calm). Each class will assign you a paper and it seems to feel like they are all due at the same time, because each professor believes their class is the sole purpose of your life.

"Required" Texts

Textbooks are expensive and most teachers say they have required books. Wait until the first week of class because in many classes, teachers will straight up tell you that you will not need a book (these are the best professors).

Getting Your Professors to Like You

You may try with all your might to get your professor to like you, or even just get with their good graces and honestly half of them could not care less. Sorry to say, but I warned ya.


Many of your tests will be this way. Mainly math. Just a warning.

Group Projects

There is hope at the beginning that group projects in college will be so much better than in high school. They aren't. They're a lie.

Tests (pt. 2)

You may only be taking four classes but will have seven tests in one day. If you figure out how that happens, please let me know because I need that information in my life.

College in General

Welcome to college where you are now a "functioning adult" and are expected to have your life together. Good luck and I wish you the very best! Just don't forget it's totally normal to watch Disney movies at 2am with your best friend (you're still a teenager).

Had to throw some shade at myself...

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