The friends you find in teammates
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Why Teammates Make The Best Friends

Some of life's sweetest gifts are surprises.

Why Teammates Make The Best Friends
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One of my college teammates got married this weekend, and the whole weekend was way too much fun. With life taking us all in a million different directions, I haven't seen some of these girls in almost two years. And after spending almost every day together for three years, Snapchat and group texts don't really give you the connection you're used to having.

The thing about teammates is, you go through a lot together. Not just regular friend stuff. You go through physically demanding practices, when you're not sure why you signed up for this in the first place. You endure ice baths that make you question life itself. In our case, you go through coaching staff change after coaching staff change, and try to work through the trust issues that brings. Then on top of all that, you have the long hours of travel for games, the "random room assignments" or really just sleepovers for away trips and countless locker room laughs. Sometimes games get intense and you yell at one another. Sometimes you fight. Well, I can think of more than a couple of times I've yelled at one of these girls and they've yelled back at me. But families fight, right? We always hugged it out in the end.

I think teammates make the best friends because you really don't pick each other. You're placed in one another's lives. You're in the line-up next to them or you're on their practice team, and next thing you know, you've been roomates for two years. Then you blink and you're at one of their weddings, talking about your benefits packages and furniture sales. Where has the time gone?

When I think back to the time I played on the same field as these ladies, I don't remember the ice baths or the fitness tests. I really think about dancing in the locker room before games and singing on the bus rides. I think about the crazy things we did together, and how easy it was to just do life with these girls. And honestly, those same exact feelings came back this weekend, when it was just my teammates and me. I'm grateful for this bond we will forever share. We didn't ask for it. It was just the greatest gift.

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