Birthdays in College are Weird

When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said to drop out of school. The first semester of the first year of college is a tough one for anyone who doesn't like change/adjusting to new situations. In all honesty, all I want for my birthday is to go home. Either that or a redo on my first calculus exam.

1. You forget about it


In college, time moves quickly (but also slowly) and you forget what day it is. Your birthday is one of those days.

2. Nobody knows it's your birthday


At home, everyone knows it's your birthday and reminds you of it. In college, nobody knows, so you forget yourself sometimes.

3. You don't get to see your family


Your family was some of those people that would remind you about your birthday, and get you excited for it. In college, most people don't even get to see their parents on their birthday.

4. You don't even really want any presents because you're too busy to think about it


Except money. Money is always good.

5. You go out every weekend, so going out on your birthday is expected anyways


Mine is on Saturday, so it will be no different than any other college weekend out.

Happy birthday to all the college Libras!

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