5 Ways Football Can Change Your Life

5 Ways Football Can Change Your Life

An amazing game, but better men.

It’s been almost three years since I’ve strapped on a pair of shoulder pads and put on a helmet, but every time I hear the pads pop somewhere, I still get the same chills down my spine and little boy-like excitement that I did then. Coming to grips with the fact that I will probably never take the field again as a player is a tough pill to swallow for me, as the game has given me so much and helped define me as the man that I am today. So with football season around the corner, I present a tribute — if you will, a love story — about the things that this great sport teaches thousands of young men all over the country.

1. Physical Toughness

There are not many people that are willing to be physically pushed to the limits every single day practically year round. Whether it is getting stronger in the weight room, doing hill sprints, suicide runs, pushing the blocking sled around, running routes over and over or enduring hit after hit every single day, football players are some of the toughest guys around. They learn that in order to be successful, you gotta sweat and bleed for it, which ties into the next attribute.

2. Mental Toughness

In addition to being big, strong and fast, a football player has to be mentally ready to endure the everyday grind of getting up early in the morning, eating a light breakfast and getting ready to bang heads all day. It is the understanding that you need to make yourself and the team better at all costs. It is being able to bounce back after a bad loss, and take it to your opponent the very next week. It is NOT giving up and quitting, when everything inside of you is telling you to quit. Anyone can be positive and enjoy being a part of the team when things are going well and you’re winning games, but the true mark of a man comes in how he responds to adversity, when things aren’t going so well and the team is struggling. Be that guy who accomplishes the mission when the odds are not in your favor.

3. Camaraderie

If you played football your entire life, like I did, chances are that you’ve been playing with the same group of guys since you were 4 feet tall! These guys have seen you at your best and at your worst. They know your physical capabilities and what you’re truly made of. Some will be your friends for life, and will always be there for you. Collective suffering and triumphing together creates special, inseparable bonds between people, and the gridiron is the perfect place for that. A true band of brothers.

4. Unforgettable Memories

While much of life is all about bettering yourself and being the most successful individual you can be, it is also a team game. People need to work together to accomplish their goals and help each other succeed. Football teaches that as one of its first lessons. You cannot win a game with 11 individuals. You can only win as one team, united under a common purpose, drive, and passion. If one man doesn’t do their job, the entire team suffers as a result, so everyone must put forth their best effort in order to achieve the desired result.

5. Teamwork

While much of life is all about bettering yourself and being the most successful individual you can be, it is also a team game. People need to work together to accomplish their goals and help each other succeed. Football teaches that as one of its first lessons. You cannot win a game with 11 individuals. You can only win as one team, united under a common purpose, drive, and passion. If one man doesn’t do their job, the entire team suffers as a result, so everyone must put forth their best effort in order to achieve the desired result.

Football is America’s game, and it produces quality individuals who can take on life in a way that will better them as well as those around them. Great game, but even better men.

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Because no one like the Patriots except the Patriots.

The Patriots are definitely one of those teams that everyone loves to hate (myself included as a Steelers fan). With multiple past cheating scandals, it’s surprising that there isn’t more attention brought to the speculation that the refs are in their pocket. Somehow the rules are always in their favor just when you think they are going to lose. We are all tired of seeing the Patriots win in ways that only seem possible by ritual sacrifices and dirty politics. I don't even need to be a fan of who they're playing — here are 30 things I would rather do than see the Patriots win yet another Super Bowl this year.

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9. Never be able to text again

10. Have to walk to class in the rain every day

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15. Go without power for a week

16. Fall off a cliff

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Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Georgia Football State Of The Program Address

For my final piece on UGA football this season, I give my personal take on where UGA football is currently at and where it is headed.


Over the last month, UGA has been talked about as a football program trending upwards and definitely in a prime position to win championships. They have also been talked about as an overrated program with an overrated head coach and an offense that is inconsistent at best. Some say 2017 was a fluke, and that we will never reach those heights again. What's true about the program? Are these analysis on point or way off? That's what my job is today, to inform the public what the truth about UGA football is right now, and to debunk some opinions on the current status of the program.

A little over three years ago, Georgia's athletic department took a huge gamble when they fired Mark Richt, one of their most successful football coaches in school history, and replaced with former UGA player and 4-time national champion defensive coordinator at Alabama, Kirby Smart. The risk seemed to have paid off in 2017 when the Dawgs found themselves undefeated through 9 games, won the SEC title over Auburn who they lost to a few weeks prior, and beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl to compete for the national championship. Unfortunately, the Dawgs lost the title game to Alabama after squandering a 20-7 lead to lose by the final score of 26-23 in overtime.

With many fans believing that 2018 was the time to win a national championship, Georgia suffered a devastating midseason loss to LSU in a dominant fashion that saw Georgia never hold a lead throughout. Now only one loss would ruin the Dawgs chances at returning to the college football playoff. Despite the intense pressure of not suffering the one loss, Georgia defeated all opponents on their schedule to close the regular season 11-1 and would face Alabama in a defacto playoff quarterfinal in the SEC Championship game. Once again, the Dawgs blew a lead, this time 28-14, and watched Alabama win yet another SEC title by the score of 35-28. Georgia would play in the meaningless Sugar Bowl against Big 12 runner up, the Texas Longhorns. While most thought Georgia would win this game, they suffered a humiliating 28-21 defeat to Texas, who dominated the entire game despite what the final score ended up being.

Ok, now that the recap is over, let's discuss where this program is at. I'm almost treating this as a midterm for Kirby Smart, seeing how he has built this program in his short time here and discussing whether he should remain head coach, or if he was just a one season wonder. I've heard this argument a lot that he may not be the former coordinator that is finally going to beat Saban, due to the fact that Saban knows how to outsmart all his former coordinators, including the ones that were on his staff for the longest period. Smart is going to beat Saban at some point, but his quest is not to beat Saban, it's to become the next Saban and build the next great college football dynasty. He will get over this hump soon enough, so I'm not worried about the two losses to Alabama. Hopefully, when he does, he will be competing for a national championship that same season.

Despite the three-loss season following a national championship appearance, which seems very similar to the Falcons after their Super Bowl run, this program is in a better position to win a title than most people will give them credit for. In just his second season, coach Smart took a team that went 8-5 the previous year all the way to the national title game the next season. He did this without most of his own recruits, which he has brought in the first number 1 recruiting class in the country for the school. This tells me that if he can do that with some of Richt's recruits, I can only imagine what Smart can do with some of his own players.

The defense will always be good under coach Smart due to his background with being a defensive coordinator, so the side of the ball that will be questionable is the offense. The last two seasons have seen some electric running backs take the field at UGA, including NFL backs Sony Michel and Nick Chubb. Elijah Holyfield and D'Andre Swift picked up right where the previous two left off with stellar seasons in 2018. Even with all the success at running back, the position that got talked about the most over everything had to be the quarterback position. Jake Fromm has been in charge of that position for two years now since taking over for an injured Jacob Eason in the season opener of the 2017 season. Fromm has exceeded expectations, but have left many fans asking for more from him. I am not in this minority. I believe Fromm has the capability to win a national championship at his time at UGA if he continues what he was doing at the end of this past season. He came on extremely hot to close the season and put his name into consideration for a darkhorse Heisman contender next season. He led college football in completion percentage, brought his third-down passing numbers by almost 10%, and retained his starting job while facing immense pressure from the fanbase to start the wunderkind Justin Fields. My prediction is that he will play even better in 2019, and could be the one to lead the Dawgs to a title for the first time in almost 40 years.

In conclusion, my fellow Dawgs fans, let me say this. To the ones around the world watching DawgNation rise up from the ashes, to the ones that unfortunately have to play UGA year in and year out, and to the ones that have ridiculed us for years about not winning titles, you're about to see this new breed of Bulldogs take the field in the next few years. For the many that believe this Kirby Smart project is not the right move, you best believe Kirby is not going anywhere anytime soon and will be the one to take UGA to the extreme heights of college football. UGA football is looking the best it has ever had in my lifetime, maybe even in history, and will be a cornerstone of college football for many years to come. All we need now is some patience and let this process happen and enjoy the growing pains this team will endure in pursuit of a championship. I promise it will make the victory so much sweeter.

Thank you, and goodnight DawgNation.


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