Five Bits Of Advice for First Semester Freshmen

Five Bits Of Advice for First Semester Freshmen

I'm almost done with my first semester in College, here are five things I wish I knew going in.

College is a time of growth and self-discovery. For freshmen, it's probably their first real taste of true independence and freedom. They no longer are under their parents' thumbs and are solely responsible for themselves. It's scary, it's exciting, it's a little nerve-wracking. Here are five pieces of advice I wish someone told me going into the first semester of my freshman year.

Make sure you have a planner

Basic, I know, but trust me, it's worth it. You won't realize how busy a schedule you have 'til you're actually in it, so a planner is the way to go. You can track your assignments, plan out your day, and see what's on the horizon. I never used my planner in high school, but you won't catch me anywhere without it now.

If you're looking for a good planner, might I suggest the S-Planner for College (Pictured above.) It has blank, dateless weekly and monthly spreads for you to fill out and large spaces to write or use stickers in. I personally really enjoy the timetable on the weekly spread so I can see my day mapped out as a whole.

Keep your dorm clean

While this should be common knowledge, you don't really think about how quickly one little pile on your desk could snowball into a messy dorm. Even if you are exhausted from your day of classes trust me, taking that extra few minutes to put away those clothes or organize those papers will help loads in keeping your space nice and tidy. Besides, by keeping your room clean it will definitely keep you on your roommate's good side.

Attend campus events

This is something many people will tell you, but make sure you get out and experience what your college has to offer. From activity fairs, where you can find out about clubs/teams/organizations on your campus, to a sporting event where you can cheer on your school with other students, I guarantee you won't regret going to school events. They will help you adjust and familiarize yourself with the school and your new community.

Yes, that new series on Netflix is really enticing, but who knows, you might meet someone at a campus event that shares your same interests. Maybe you can watch the series together!

You'll meet many people, not all of them will be your friends

The first semester at college is a whirlwind. You'll meet so many different people from so many backgrounds and, trust me, it can seem a little overwhelming. But, what could be more overwhelming is feeling like you don't have the same strong knit group of friends you did at home. Maybe you'll click with someone instantly and they will be your friend for life! In most cases though, that girl you're sitting next to in math class might just be that: a person to talk to in and about that class.

You'll find your people, and even if it's a bunch of acquaintances that first semester that doesn't mean you'll never find your group. Friendships take time and work, so invite that kid who sits behind you to grab coffee or tell that girl her t-shirt is cute. You never know what will come of it.

Homesickness is normal

On some level, everyone is feeling this. It's only normal to be a little homesick, living away from home for the first time, that you'd miss everyone. Don't be embarrassed by it, embrace it. Call them or shoot them a text, but don't dwell on it. Smile, dust yourself off, and get back in the game. You are exactly where you need to be, and your family is proud of you. They want you to succeed and be happy, and chances are, they miss you ten times more. That next break will come soon enough, so make sure you have some fun stories to tell them.

At college, the world is at your fingertips and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Don't be afraid to try new things, meet new people, and put yourself out there. Freshman year is full of opportunities, so don't let any of them go to waste.

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