Let's be real everyone dreams of their first day of college. Meeting new people and finally becoming your own independent person, but in reality, your first semester of college pretty much consists of you finding your way around as well as finding your "fit."

1. Friends

College is an entirely new world, and unless people from your high school are going to the same school chances are you're going to be making new friends. For me, my group started out huge, but as the weeks went on you'll start to notice who you click with more. And by the end of the semester, you'll find the people that make your school feel like home.

2. Parties

Let's be real, the biggest appeal of college for many is the parties. Even if partying isn't your thing, you're bound to go to a couple during your first semester. You'll quickly learn the ins and outs of frats as well as the dos and don'ts. For example:

DO: Go out with a larger group of people

DON'T: Wear shoes you care about (they'll get trashed, but by the end of the semester you'll love your frat shoes)

3. Classes

From choosing to scheduling to actually attending, you'll quickly figure them out. I highly suggest meeting with an academic advisor prior to planning your courses so you don't end up taking courses that you don't really need to. When it comes to attending classes it's important to remember that although attendance may not be mandatory its' always better to go. And try not to fall into the cycle of skipping too many because once you start, it's difficult to stop.

4. Money management

I'll be the first to tell you that college makes you broke. I used to make fun of my sister all the time, but now I truly understand just how quickly money can disappear when you're at school. Whether it be for textbooks, food, clothing, or alcohol your money will disappear and it'll do it quickly.

5. You can do this

Whether you came into college a little hesitant or completely confident you'll quickly learn that you got this. When you're on your own you quickly learn how to take care of yourself as well as things around you. You won't notice it at first, but you'll look back in a month and finally realize that you didn't just do it, you're fully surviving on your own, and you're killing it.