College, First Semester Vs. Second Semester

College, First Semester Vs. Second Semester

We all just start to care a little bit less...

Dressing for class

First semester: Everyone look at me, I am fabulous.

Second Semester: At least when you're dead, you're comfortable.

Reading the syllabus

First semester: "I'm going to follow this thing like it's the bible"

Second semester: Nah

Professors keeping you the entire class period

First Semester: Wow, they actually took the whole class period

Second semester: GET. ME. OUT. OF. HERE.

When people try to make small talk in your classes

First semester: "Wow, no way, girl in my comm lecture Mondays and Wednesdays that I'll never speak to again!"

Second Semester:

Looking at your exam and doing better than you thought you would

First Semester:

Second Semester: It's a miracle

When you're asked to participate in class discussion

First semester: "Trying my best to act like I care"

Second semester: Nope, don't care.

When people ask you how you're doing:

First semester: Fake it 'til you make it.

Second semester: That's a good question, I really don't know

Writing papers

First Semester: Trying to impress all of your professors.

Second Semester: All that matters is that it's complete.

When a car almost hits you while walking to class

First semester:

Second semester: Pay my tuition.

Using rate my professor

First semester: Checking to see who's the best professor for the course... "Grades fairly and a cute TA"? Sign me up.

Second semester: Writing personal reviews like

Your Parents asking you about your grades

First semester: Prized student, you must be so proud

Second Semester: It's for your own good


First semester: "You're so good at Chemistry"

Second semester:

When you missed an assignment that was in the syllabus even though your professor told you everything would be in the syllabus:

Both Semesters:

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10 Puppy Gifs To Get You Through The End Of The Semester

Puppies are good for the soul

The spring semester is coming to an end and finals are a lot closer than they appear. To keep spirits up and anxiety levels low, I thought I would compile a few puppy gifs that always serve to lift my mood. This is completely inspired by the puppy I cuddled a few days ago. She was two months old and a golden ball of soft fur - she truly cleansed my skin and raised my GPA, and I hope this post does roughly the equivalent for you too!

1. This adorable bean

2. The cutest wink I've ever seen

3. This dog just doing its best

4. A good representation of my motivation levels for April

5. This pimpin' pup will bless you with increased finances

6. Racing towards summer like

7. But first we need to rock finals and not get wrapped up in test anxiety

8. This puppy did not succeed and sometimes that's okay. Remember to be kind to yourself and get back up again!

9. Bad day? Here's a bucket full of puppies

10. Spend time with some friends to destress, a little bit of healthy interaction never hurt anybody!

Remember to keep up with your mental well-being as well as your studies as you gear up for finals season. Take breaks while studying during dead week and treat yourself every once in a while to avoid burning out. Stray strong, it's the final stretch!

Cover Image Credit: pexels.ceom

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5 Things I Want To Thank My Best Friend For

Because I don't say it enough.

What would life be without friends by your side to enjoy moments with? We often times forget how special people are to us. It is difficult to remember how important appreciation is to show.

Not only to ourselves but to other people. Life gets so chaotic and we get so involved in ourselves and just enjoying friendships that we don't stop enough to give a shout out to the people that mean the most to us. That's what this article is all about: giving appreciation to my best friend, who I don't let know enough how much I appreciate her.

1. Thank you for making golf so much better

There is not a single time where I pick up a golf club that I don't think about our fun times together. A game that is full of so much stress, mentally and physically, you were always able to make it so much more fun. Some of our stories are not appropriate for either this article or the golf course, but they continue to bring me so much joy. Thank you for pushing me to be my best on the course and off. Our journey from high school golf to college golf was one that I wouldn't trade for anything. Now, I get to be your biggest cheerleader on the sidelines and I cannot wait to see everything that the game brings for you.

3. Thank you for supporting me, good and bad

Freshman year of college when we were roommates and exploring a whole new world. From nearly tripling the amount of students at our schools to making terrible decisions, it was all new. We got the joys of exploring it together!

Cover Image Credit: Rachel Stoneburner

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