Finding Joy In The Ordinary

In a society where we focus more on fast service, it has become a normality to get stuck in the same mundane routine in life. We get cemented in a rut before we realize how far we've gone. Wake up, school, work, sleep, repeat. But life is far too short to not enjoy at all. It's true, life consists of a number of typically ordinary moments. However, it is how we view them and what we choose to fill in the spaces that count. We have the choice to decide how this life of ours is carried out, and it is our duty to create the happiness and memories we deserve. A change of perspective can create a drastic change in lifestyle.

Live everyday like it's your last.

Though it seems as if the days drag on forever, life is so short. In the blink of an eye, you're graduating high school, and in the next it's your wedding day. Because of that, enjoy everyday as if it was your last. Do everything you want to do, don't put if off until tomorrow. That bucket list that's stuffed in the back of a drawer? Hang it up on a wall and make it a daily goal to complete it one thing at a time, no matter how mild or insane.

Follow your gut, take risks.

Everyone has that gut instinct, which gives you a reassurance of your choice or decision. But most people second guess this feeling. For some situations it may help, but with some...why not follow your instinct? It could lead you into some pretty interesting adventures. Though it seems a tad daunting to break the daily routine, taking those risks is what makes life interesting. It can be as little as trying that new Indian restaurant downtown, or as big as asking the guy you like out rather than being too shy.

Take it all in.

Ever hear the cliché quote "Stop and smell the roses?" Even though it seems to be in every film, it does have a deeper meaning. If you rush through life always looking into the future, you will never be able to appreciate the "little moments." Taking the time to slow down and enjoy the moment will make life so much more fulfilling. Take the long scenic drive home from work rather than the highway, or sit outside with a snack on your break at work rather then skipping it to get more done. It's the little things in life that will mean the most when you look back.

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