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Female Energy: Content Creators

Girls, girls, girls...

Female Energy: Content Creators
Renee Stout

As much as I love Bukowski and Wes Anderson, it’s refreshing to intake media with a female perspective and influence. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite female creators who inspire me daily, enjoy!


Absolutely nothing is cooler than a girl-band made up of three sisters. I had the privilege of seeing HAIM several weeks ago at Lollapalooza, and let me tell you, there was some powerful, female energy radiating off of these talented gals. Not only are they incredibly talented musically, but also lyrically, as they write their own songs. Jamming to these babes is truly inspiring and magical.

The Messy Heads & Emma Mercury:

Emma Mercury is the creator and head-editor of The Messy Heads. The blog features articles on veganism, fashion, political issues, feminism and much more. The blog has also expanded into an entire media platform including a YouTube channel, an Instagram page, a Twitter and a storefront. Recently, the blogger and a group of her creative content-maker friends took a tour called "The Messy Effect" which included several stops where the messy babes met up and were involved in powerful discussion with their followers. The Messy Heads holds a powerful message of positivity, femme-power and love.

Here's a link to the blog: https://themessyheads.com/

Lena Dunham:

Whether it's her book "Not That Kind of Girl" or her hit show "Girls," I have always had an admiration for Lena's honesty and writing style. After I had watched "Tiny Furniture" (Lena's independent film) for the first time, I knew I would always love Lena in all of her quirky, truthfulness. She uses her social media platform to be an advocate for women's rights & other important movements. Lena has started a discussion about the real life of 20-somethings which does not shy away from intimacy, health-scares or simply struggling as a young adult.

Willow Smith:

First of all, thank you, Willow Smith, the title of this article can be attributed to her wonderful song Female Energy. I cannot tell you how many times I have played Willow's album which truly is an empowerment for female kind. If you're in a creative drought, turn on the Ardipithecus album and start vibing.

Renee Stout:

Renee Stout is the kind of storyteller that I aspire to be. Her exhibit: "Tales of the Conjure Woman" is currently installed in my local art museum and it is such a trip. She has created the fictional character, Fatima Mayfield, who is used to portray truths about romantic relationships, finance and internal struggles. While wandering through this exhibit, I could've sworn that Fatima was a real person; I was truly placed into her world as an herbalist/fortuneteller. An amazing artist with an even more amazing story to tell, Renee's work will truly inspire.

Carrie Brownstein:

So, Carrie Brownstein is essentially everything I have ever hoped to be: funny, intelligent, talented and well-versed. Carrie has had a music career in the punk band Sleater-Kinney, as a writer and actor on Portlandia and has recently inspired me with her new book "Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl." Carrie is an all-around amazing gal who shows girls that we can truly have it all.

Zilka Joseph:

If you haven't read any of Zilka's work, go to your local bookstore-- now! Her new book "Sharp Blue Search of Flame" is something that every woman, heck, every person, should read. Her writing style is beautiful and she doesn't shy away from addressing topics of gender, religion or culture.

Midge Blitz (ModernGirlBlitz):

If you don't peruse Etsy for hours looking for feminist memorabilia, Ms. Midge may not be a familiar face. Lucky for you, I have ordered pins, prints and patches from tons of different feminist shops. ModernGirlBlitz is the perfect combination of punk and gender-rights as the business tagline is: "Wearables for feminists, badass babes + witchy weirdos." She is a lovely inspiration for all female artists who aspire to open up their own business.

Here's a link to her shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ModernGirlBlitz

Laura Barcella:

Another amazing female writer who is using her platform to support feminism & give credit to the powerful females that our history books might be leaving out. Her novel "Fight Like a Girl: 50 Feminists Who Changed the World" addresses important topics like access to contraception, equal-pay for females and media's impact on women; this novel is an educational and important read for all young women

Sophia Amoruso:

The ultimate #GirlBoss! Sophia Amoruso founded and built her brand 'Nasty Gal' from the ground up. Sophia is the owner of one of the "fastest growing companies" (Inc. Mag, 2012), the author of the 'Goodreads Choice Awards: Best Business Books,' #GirlBoss and to top it off, is only thirty-two years old. Sophia shows us that there's a #GirlBoss in each one of us just waiting to be unleashed.

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