I Asked 13 Girls Which Celebrity Was Their Body Positive Role Model
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I Asked 13 Girls Which Celebrity Was Their Body-Positive Role Model, And Now I Have Some New Heroes

Because everybody needs someone to look up to!

I Asked 13 Girls Which Celebrity Was Their Body-Positive Role Model, And Now I Have Some New Heroes

In a world where girls are constantly met with so many unrealistic standards, we need some quality role models. I decided to talk to 13 girls about who their body-positive role models were, and here's what we came up with! Some ladies were so inspired, they couldn't narrow down their picks to just one body-positive celeb!)

1. Megan Jayne Crabbe

Look at that smile! Just look at it!

2. Ashley Graham

For the record, more than one girl picked this fabulous lady as their body positive role model!

3. Lizzo

From her music to her Instagram, Lizzo has proved she is the ultimate body positivity model.

4. Chrissy Teigen

When asked in our survey why she chose Chrissy Teigen, Sarah said, "She's real about stretch marks and weight gain, etc. Even models aren't perfect."

5. Adele

Honestly, Adele has been inspiring us since we were "Rolling in the Deep."

6. Rebel Wilson

I have yet to meet someone who isn't inspired by this woman.

7. Caralyn Mirand

To be honest, I didn't know much about her until writing this article, but now, I'm totally following her on Instagram.

8. Chessie King

From what I can see, she is all about loving your whole self, and we can't argue with that!

9. Ashley Alexiss

This woman is honestly just one inspiration after another.

10. Julie Murphy

While not a formal "celeb," Murphy is an author who writes inclusive stories for all body types and sizes! Go girl!

11. Halle Berry

She loves to post about how anyone can do fitness and helps people find a starting point in their journey!

12. Kate Wasley

She just radiates joy and self-love!

13. Jameela

She normalizes all the parts of our bodies that we're just insecure about!

14. Gal Gadot

When asked why she chose Gadot, Ashley said, "She's not "thin" and doesn't portray the fake standards that society puts on us women. She portrays a very strong woman."

15. Sarah Landry

She inspired me approximately half a second after clicking on her Instagram.

16. Mik Zazon

A queen in human form.

17. Jennifer West

Her account is so inspirational and uplifting!

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