The Truth Behind Every Snapchat Sent By A Girl

The Truth Behind Every Snapchat Sent By A Girl

I'm guilty of sending every single one of these.

Snapchat has really become a way of life if you're a millenial with a smart phone. More specifically, it's given girls an outlet to brag about what they're doing and who they're doing it with. We're smart about it though, we don't just take a picture of our good hair day with the caption "having a good hair day," we take a selfie with a lens so it looks silly while people notice you're having a good hair day for those short six seconds. Take a look at the other hidden meanings behind each snapchat girls send you.

1. The "puppy lens" Snapchat

This is the go-to lens to send to your crush or add to your story if you're trying to find an excuse to take a selfie without getting completely ridiculed by your friends. Who knew that adding ears and a muzzle would make humans look cute and sexy at the same time? Girls everywhere will die a little bit inside if/when Snapchat replaces this pup.

2. The "I have a bae" Snapchat

This is the most subtle brag of all brags. We get it, you have a boyfriend. Stop taking snaps of his basic "just because it's Tuesday" presents or trying to put a lens on his face when he clearly isn't into it. Everyone knows that y'all are happy and are happy for the two of you, but chill out.

3. The "workin' on my fitness" Snapchat

Cute sports bra? Check. Flirty ponytail? Check. FitTea Detox? Check. The post-workout selfie is just a reminder to all of your followers that you have #nodaysoff because if you don't take a picture of yourself working out, it obviously never happened. (Don't even get me started about the "body progress" snapchats...)

4. The "party girl" Snapchat

I think every girl snaps of a pic of every single alcoholic beverage they've ever had to prove to their followers just how fun they are. It's like a battle between cliques to see which group is more drunk. After all of your snaps of you drinking at the bar, you'll add a pic to your story of a room full of dudes with a time stamp reading 3:30 A.M. just to prove that you can hang as long as the boys can.

5. The "I woke up like this" Snapchat

This is usually the selfie that comes after the "party girl" snap. You could practically be your own Snapchat lens by the amount of mascara and lipstick smeared on your face. This is just another excuse to brag about how hard you went the night before. But really, don't go in public like that. I know you're thinking about it and you're just asking to be on someone else's Snapchat story looking like a hot mess.

6. The "mass produced" Snapchat

These are those generic snaps you send to the people beyond your best friends list. It's such a basic picture (usually with a lens) that you just want to send people so they won't forget about you. Don't be surprised if you don't get a response from half of the people you sent it to because they know what trick you're trying to pull.

7. The "major key" Snapchat

This is the number one way to openly brag about the expensive products or services you purchased that you swear by. Kylie Lip Kit, Smart Water, Pinot Grigiot, pedicures... all major keys.

8. The "lip synching at the club" Snapchat

This is the party girl on steroids. "Look at me! I know all of the words to your favorite rap song! I'm so relatable! I'm so cool! I'm so fun!"

9. The "family girl" Snapchat

This is the easiest way to use your cousins as a prop to show your followers how good you are with kids. Don't act like you haven't done it.

10. The "self proclaimed photographer" Snapchat

These are the most basic snaps in the history of Snapchat. It's a desperate attempt to look more artsy, but every girl does it. The truth behind these snaps is that it's all about the angles and filters.

11. The "wife me up" Snapchat

You take a picture of the ~aWeSoMe~ dinner that you made with the caption "wife me up" to all of your crushes in hopes that they finally notice what you could bring to their table. (Literally.) This is move 99 percent ineffective, but at least you have a pretty picture of the tacos you made.

Cover Image Credit: Kendall Jenner Snapchat

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It’s just one thing after the other and I get bored after five minutes.

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It is not okay to be dependent on the hypomania to feel happy. 

It is not okay to depend on hypomania to get rid of all of the negative thoughts, feelings, and etc. That's impossible hypomanic or not. 

Thank you for observing the view in front of the windows of hypomania. 

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