Stop Fat-Shaming Girls Size 8-To-10... Or Any Size, Really
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I Can't Change My Clothing Size, So Stop Fat-Shaming Us Size-8-And-Up Girls

Not everyone who walks this earth is going to be a size 0, and we know that. But there is nothing wrong with strutting your size 8-plus with style.

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Caroline Parry

I have never been a skinny girl, so what? I consider myself to be athletically built and I honestly love all my curves. It took me a very long time to learn how to love them. I remember being younger and seeing celebrities such as Paris Hilton and feeling so self-conscious. Society had shaped my mind to believe that because you could not see my hipbones I was not beautiful. This is so far from the truth.

I have two sisters whom I am stuck right in the middle of. I think people see us as looking alike, but different. My two sisters are on the skinnier side of athletic bodies, and I have some more meat on my bones. Nothing wrong with that. I was a rower and skier in high school, making me have some massive thunder thighs. But I love every inch of them, sometimes. Yes, finding shorts that fit me and don't suffocate my legs when I sit down often leaves me with very few options. But when I find something that fits me and fits me well, I feel like a badass rocking my body.

Just because I am not a size 0 does not mean I am any less beautiful than the size 0 girls. It took me a very long time to understand this. I could never fit into my older sisters clothes nor did I feel confident in a bikini for quite some time. But you should love the skin you have and work with what you got.

Now, let's talk about clothing size. I am between a size 8 and 10. Totally acceptable. I wish clothing sizes didn't even exist honestly because sometimes picking up a size 10 I kind of feel gross, but that is the size I have to wear. I know plenty of athletic girls such as myself who fall on this spectrum too, and many non-athletic girls who wear this size as well. A size 10 does not define you as "fat" by any means. In my opinion, even if you are a size 18 you are not fat. We all have our own definition of what we like ourselves to look like, and we should wear our sizes with confidence.

I think we need to break the barrier between the size 0 and size 10 girls because there is nothing wrong with your clothing size and it is kind of ridiculous that this even has to be said sometimes. Stop fat shaming girls who don't fit a size 0, because most of us were born and built this way and we can't really change it.

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