Fake Friends Are Like Fake Jewelry

Fake things are never good. They may seem good at first but they're always a disappointment in the end.

Take fake jewelry for example. It's so pretty and looks so real until you wear that ring one too many times in the shower and that knock off silver ring looks rustic and your finger is green. Disappointment right?

Yeah I think so too.

It's the same thing with friends. Fake friends are a lot like fake jewelry. They look like real friends, they act like real friends and sometimes they'll even treat you like real friends. Until they don't. That's usually what happens.

One day that ring can't pretend anymore. It gets to the point where it can't hide the fact that it's fake and it's true colors come out. It lets you down and gets to the point where not only do you know that it's fake, but everyone else does too. It's obvious. It's sits on your finger, discolored, sometimes even dis formed. It's clearly not a valuable, real ring.

Now, could you imagine if you had friends the same way? Pretending to love and care for you, but just let you down in the end.

Sounds terrible but it's life. And its a life that a lot of people live and it's terrible. The only difference between a fake friend and a fake ring is you know you're buying the fake ring. You buy it with the intent to have for a temporary amount of time. You know that it will one day be out of your life because you know it's fake from the start.

Fake friends are a different story. There isn't a price tag on a friend. You don't know their worth until usually it's too late and they know too much.

You don't know they're fake until they've shown their true colors. Sometimes it happens gradually like the ring. You can see it turning and you can see the damage it's doing to your finger. But with a fake friend, the damage is sometimes invisible and it's hard to determine if it's true.

I believe that subconsciously, maybe I knew my fake friends were fake. I hear the rumors and I know they're track record, but you're supposed to form your own opinion. Right? I wouldn't want someone to judge me on something that they heard without getting to know the real me.

But maybe I should've. If I would've listened to the rumors, maybe I wouldn't be upset right now. Maybe I wouldn't be confused on why I put so much trust in one person only for them to stab me in the back.

But that's life, you live and you learn. And I can tell you one thing. Fake is never good and it's always temporary. Fake eyelashes, fake tattoos, fake nails and even a fake tan. They look good in the moment and they work for the time being but they're called fake for a reason.

So as advice to you, you can't prevent the inevitable. It's hard to know if a person in your life is temporary and it's hard if you can't see the tangible proof. However, if the signs are there, don't ignore them. Mom knows best and so do the past victims of the fake friend criminal. Fake friends like to see you do well, but never better than them. So be careful and don't be cheap. Especially if your life is involved.

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