I have no idea what to say about the election and the state of our country currently. Everything I say offends someone and I am tired of arguing. There are just so many strong voices out there that are giving their opinions constantly because of this little thing we like to call social media. Except, it is not a little thing.

It certainly is alright to post on social media, however, it should be used in moderation. And this is where we fail as Americans. We hate moderation. Why have one shot when I can have five? Why not have an appetizer with my meal? Should I upgrade my fries for just 99 cents? Social media use, just like your diet or alcoholic beverages consumed, has to be monitored. Otherwise, you become an awful person to follow on social media.

So, are you really shocked that people are unfollowing and unfriending you on various social media outlets? You are surprised that the Democrat you follow did not love all the posts you put out about Trump? Shocker. And you were angry when you saw that your neighbor who voted for Trump also unfriended you? Simply because you only post Buzzfeed articles about how Trump will ruin this country. Again, shocked.

At the end of the day, it is social media. It is something that allows others to take a magnifying glass and look at everything that is circulating. Please just be smart about what you put online is the point. And understand that for every action, there is a reaction. So, posting anything election related might cause just that. You decide if that is what you want.

Just remember, do we want our Facebook newsfeed to be the reason we all hate each other?