Nobody wants to do their homework, so here are eleven excuses you have probably made for yourself for skipping studying:

1. Donald Trump is president.

'Nuff said there.

2. It's too cold.

Just. Can't. Do. It.

3. The teacher didn't post it.

Therefore, it doesn't exist (and you can ignore it).

4. Your bed.

*Assignment is due at midnight*

*Takes short 3 hour nap*

5. Your laptop is dead.

...And the charger is all the way across the room, so why bother?

6. You've got to pee.

This is a legitimate excuse. Unfortunately, this also means watching random videos from Facebook for at least 20 minutes while your worried roommate asks if you fell in.

7. You might get an urgent text.

So you must keep your phone in hand at all times... ya know... just in case.

8. You're behind on your work anyways.

Might as well stop while you're behind.

9. You're hungry.

Who can study on an empty stomach? I mean it just doesn't happen.

10. It's not due until...

"I do my best work under pressure."

11. And lastly, the world could end tomorrow.

It's not really an excuse, it's just the truth! Would you really want to waste your last moments on earth doing homework? Go have some fun!