Everything Inconvenient About Cold Weather Clothes
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Everything Inconvenient About Cold Weather Clothes

"Cause you're hot then you're cold"

Everything Inconvenient About Cold Weather Clothes

Beanies and boots can be fun, but only on occasion. Let’s be real -- we would all much rather be in a pair of shorts and a tank top with sandals. After having spent practically every winter of my life in Colorado, and going to school for almost two years in North Carolina (which wasn’t supposed to be ‘that cold’), I have noticed more than a few bothersome things that come with bundling up.   

If you’ve never had a fitting room experience on a day when you are wearing more than one layer, I don’t recommend you try it any time soon. In fact, simply walking into any building, or inside area, with three layers of clothing on is nothing less than terrible. This probably seems dramatic, but wait until you have been inside for 10 minutes. You will become more claustrophobic and overheated than you thought possible. I say this mainly because it happened to me, today.

As I wandered around The North Face store for about 10 minutes with three layers of clothing, I suddenly felt like vomiting and fainting. The reasons for this sudden change in how I felt are self-explanatory, but the real question is who, after experiencing the nausea and lightheaded feeling of walking inside with several layers on, would ever want to try clothes on in this state?! I guess it’s a personal opinion, but to me, this is one of the most inconvenient things about having to wear winter clothes.    

Another problem, somewhat related to the previous one, is the constant inability to dress yourself in a way that will keep you warm while you are outside, and not roasting as soon as you go inside. The main reason for this problem is layering. You need layers to be warm outside, but then when you are inside, you better be able to take them off.

So may think, I’ll just wear a zip-up sweatshirt over my shirt and under my over coat. Wrong. You can take the sweatshirt off inside, when you only want to be in one layer, but you will soon find yourself holding both your sweatshirt and your gigantic overcoat while trying to socialize. And, no, a coat check is not the solution because that then adds the annoying factor of waiting in a huge line for your coat, or having it lost or stolen.  

Last, but definitely not least, there a few smaller, but still very annoying, inconveniences.  

Going to the bathroom in winter clothes. A 15-minute process when more than two layers have to be removed and put back on.     

Shocking everything you touch, including door handles and people.   

Doing extra loads of laundry. You are bound to run out of socks pretty quickly, which you need daily.   

Having to buy things like gloves and scarves. Gets expensive, not to mention how easy it is to lose those things. 

It might just be because I’m from Florida, but regardless, it is safe to say that winter clothes and cold weather climates make life a whole lot more complicated than it could be. 

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