7 Things Every Stressed College Student Needs To Hear Right Now
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7 Things Every Stressed College Student Needs To Hear Right Now

You'll get it done; after all, you always do.


Excessive stress loads during syllabus week are all too real. Everyone can agree that the craziness between moving into a new place, dealing with new roommates, and attempting to recreate last semester's routine is a lot to put on anyone's plate. Here's a reassuring list of tips for those stressed out college students.

1. You'll get back to your normal routine in no time.

The time frenzy between moving-in and beginning classes tends to make everyone a little stir crazy. With the overwhelming load of new classes, roommates, and an unfamiliar schedule, it's easy to feel lost. Just remember that you felt the same way at the beginning of last year, and you know you just need another week or two to fall back into a routine. Deep, deep breaths.

2. It's okay to feel overwhelmed.

You know that huge weight resting on your shoulders during syllabus week? You go from one class to the next just to hear about more assignments, papers, projects, presentations, etc. Syllabus week is an especially anxious time for everyone since we're all still trying to adjust to the back-to-school lifestyle. Just remember, every single person sitting next to you feels the exact same way.

3. Use that planner as a life guide.


Trying to make time for class, homework, heading to the gym, and having extra time to hang out with friends? Forget it if you don't have a planner. My personal favorite so far, my Passion Planner, allows me to fill out chunks of time throughout the day to dedicate for times like homework, and so on. Buy a planner, use it weekly, and never, ever lose it.

4. Make time for me time!

Sitting and staring at a computer screen or a textbook reading is mentally and physically exhausting. Don't overdo it! Listen to your brain and be sure to take breaks when you need them. You don't want to burn yourself out during the first few weeks! Slow down, girlfriend.

5. You'll get that assignment done, along with that paper, too.

It's extremely easy to sit and stare at the detailed and extensive syllabi and feel the walls close in on you. Remember to take one assignment at a time, and try not to stress yourself out more than necessary. You'll get it done; after all, you always do.

6. Do yourself a favor and write your due dates down ahead of time.

I fill out my planner religiously, especially after seeing the course calendar. This is especially helpful to me because I can see if I have any overlapped due dates or other similar cases. Definitely, a helpful tool to avoid (possibly) another little anxiety attack.

7. The library/study spaces are your friend.

It's always nice to have a comfy, quiet spot to hide away in when you have lots of work to get done. My personal favorite is a small, darker corner in the basement of the library. Once you have a quiet and comfortable space, productivity is bound to follow.

To all those high-anxiety students out there, I feel for ya. Just remember to take one day at a time and don't forget to take care of yourself. College isn't always as easy as it looks!

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