Let your enemies bring out the best in you. That doesn't make sense at first, does it?

To explain, let me ask you this, when you're in an uncomfortable, dangerous, tense, or uneasy situation, what do you do? Do you fight, or take flight? What's your immediate response? Do you respond with grace, or do you respond with violence? If your "worst enemy" came up to you, before they say a word, what are your thoughts? Do you want to rip them to shreds or do you want to forgive them?

When your "enemy" puts you in a trying situation, your true qualities have the spotlight.

So, what are your true qualities? Kind ones, or unkind ones? My wish is that no one comes to mind when I say, "Your enemy." However, I understand that is most likely not the case in this fallen world. So, if your enemy tried, pushed, prodded, and antagonized you, what characteristics would show?

I hope that when you're in a predicament, you go to God, head down, arms up, and show grace, love, and mercy. Retaliation is not our cross to bear. God tells us that He will take vengeance, according to Romans 12:19. Don't let your enemies get the best of you. Don't let them get under your skin.

Instead, ask for strength and a soft heart. Forgive them and pray for them. Too often than not, we get so affected by our "enemies" that all sense of right and wrong gets lost in the wind. We turn into the type of person that we're aggravated at, becoming the person we don't want to be. Simply take a deep breath, sleep it over, and react gently. Let your enemies bring out the best in you. And if they don't, look inwards before you look at others. Sometimes, we project instead of introspect. Take a minute to think that over.