5 Emotions All Georgia Southern Football Fans Have Felt This Season

Georgia Southern University, home of the Greatest Team In America... until this season. We sit at a 0-6 win-loss record, and it's honestly just been a rough season. I, myself, have experienced so many different emotions - and I know I'm not alone. This one's for you, Eagle fans.

1. Shock.

I know you all remember Auburn, even if you don't want to. I can honestly say all I could think was "who the heck is this team?"

2. Hopelessness.

The day we lost to Indiana - it was the third loss of the season, and it was a rough reality.

3. Terror.

Yes, it happened. We lost to UMass... I can't even go back there.

4. Relief.

I'll never forget that sentence that gave me SO much relief... "Tyson Summers has been relieved of his coaching duties for the remainder of his contract."

5. Hope.

We gave Georgia State a run for their money on 11/4, and though we lost - I can see my Eagles coming back.

I'll forever love my Eagles, I'll forever love my school. Breathe, Eagles - and don't stop screaming GATA. This will always be "Our House".

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