The 2016 presidential election has been one of the most frustrating and unprecedented elections in history. No one is happy with the available candidates, and scandals keep surfacing to increase our disappointments. I’ve heard countless people say that they refuse to vote because they can’t decide on who to pick for president. But with the elections coming up, here’s why I think you need to go vote if you’re legally able, even if you’re undecided.

1. The president isn't the only person on the ballot.

People seem to overlook the fact that they’re voting for much more than just the president and vice president. Local elections can greatly affect the lives of their surrounding citizens, and the elected leaders make decisions on issues that will most directly affect you, including discrimination laws, reproductive rights, and public school control. This election, in New Mexico the citizens will be voting on constitutional amendments, bonds, representatives, secretary of state, state senator, district attorney and court judge, county commissioner, judge of the court of appeals, county clerk, and treasurer, along with the president and vice president. The impact of these leaders can greatly change the world around you, and you have an opinion in these decisions if you choose to take it.

2. If you don't defend your own interests, who will?

People can sit back and complain about the state of our country, but are too lazy to take action. By voting for someone who will protect your beliefs and has a more powerful voice to make influential decisions, it is in your best interests to vote for someone who defends these freedoms. In regards to this election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two main candidates running against each other. They each have extremely different viewpoints and plans on how to run the country, so by voting for the candidate who most resembles what you believe, they can make decisions similar to what you might agree with.

3. Voting is your voice.

If you care about the future of the United States, and the citizens of this country then you should take the opportunity to vote. Your voice is heard and taken into consideration. Essentially, you are aiding in the decision our country is headed, and helping us move forward as a nation.

4. Voting is a right that people take for granted.

Not long ago, many people were denied the right to vote. Several constitutional amendments require that voting rights cannot be abridged on account of race, color, previous condition of servitude, gender, or age (for those above 18). This wasn’t always the case, but now, if you’re legally able to vote, it’s your civil duty to take advantage of the opportunity you’ve been given to vote, when so many others before you were denied that right. Vote because you can.

5. You get a free sticker!

Regardless of who you’re voting for, I highly encourage every citizen who is legally able, to go out and vote. Vote for the future of America, and the world. Vote for your loved ones. Vote for yourself. Make your voice heard, and impact the world, even if that impact is minuscule.