Vegan Friendly Places In Downtown Orlando

12 Vegan-Friendly Places In Downtown Orlando

I've eaten a lot of crappy sides to make this list...


Vegan and Vegetarian Friends, rejoice! For I have gone far and wide to find these magical places in the heart of downtown Orlando, places we can actually have a damn meal.

1. 4 Rebels Tacos.

Who doesn't like tacos? I take from the silence that absolutely no one hates tacos, I mean how could you?
Deliciously warm centers topped with fresh veg and sauces all wrapped together with a soft or crunchy tortilla. Plus no utensils are needed, so I'd say tacos are probably the best man-made food, like ever.

Wanna know where to get some good tasting vegan/vegetarian ones? look no further than 4 Rebels Tacos. Located at 1618 N. Mills Ave in the Fresh Market Plaza.

2. The Habit Burger Grill.

Let me introduce you to, The Habit Burger Grill. Originally on the west coast in southern California, this burger and shake joint has bled out to the east coast..and china oddly enough? Anyway, with locations scattered throughout Florida, (two of those being in Orlando woo!) it is easy to get your hands on their veggie burger.

3. King Bao.

Please bow down to the wonderful establishment known as King Bao. Located on Mills right next to the brand new Tea shop, "Royal Tea". (Props for keeping on the theme.) This restaurant offers your craving for delicious Spanish foods with an Asian twist.

4. Tako Cheena.

I HIGHLY recommend this place. Somehow they have managed to blend the art of Asian cuisine and the soul of Hispanic dishes and created this magical menu that will leave you wanting more even though you're bursting at the seams. Though why I am so in love with this place, they have all the flavors you know and love, almost everything on their menu can be made VEGAN or veggie-friendly.

5. Seven Bites.

When you walk in, you're slammed with the hipster vibe, no doubt about that. Very industrial, prison trays, succulents on the wall, I only shop at urban outfitters vibe. Once you get passed all the mason jars and look at the menu, it is all very brunch soul food. (VEGANS BEWARE) Grits, biscuits, eggs, bacon. Grease. It's not a place for someone who is only on a plant-based diet and who only has a half-empty stomach, I recommend you come HANGRY

6. The Loving Hut.

Located on 2101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803, just a warning, this one is a little odd when you walk in. I mean their TV's have an endless loop of videos as to why eating plant-based is the best thing for you...which I agree but the meditation vibes, while I was trying to pig out vibes, was just not a combination I was expecting. But everything on their menu is vegan...everything.

7. Whalburgers.

Located in downtown Orlando right next to the Walgreens! Other than it being the home or the incredible food of Mark Whalburg, it is also home to the Impossible burger. If you haven't tried the impossible burger yet, where have you been? Literally its the closest thing to meat but it's a plant.

8. Hawkers.

Located on Mills, only a few spots down from TAKO CHEENA, you'll find hawkers. This cool tapas-style Asian food has a multitude of vegan and vegetarian options for you to choose from!

9. The Sanctum Cafe.

It's all vegan. They have raw juice. So... they are super healthy, which is great..but also they embody the idea you have of that "Cali vegan" vibe. You've been warned.

10. The Vegan Hot Dog Cart.

Normally located on 2425, 65 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, AKA near the bar Sly Fox. For those of you who love to go out downtown, and then get really sad that there is literally no place (other than lazy moon) that offers a real vegan food at that late night time, the vegan hot dog cart blesses us with the most delicious vegan food everrrrr. Like seriously, it makes you question if it's really a hot dog..OK no it doesn't but the food is delicious and it's in the heart of downtown.

11. Tin and Taco.

Elizabeth Donado

This amazing taco shop located in downtown on Washington St, right around the corner from I bar. This place has the best tacos downtown. Their menu loaded with creative gourmet tacos, like their Mac attack, aka mac & cheese or their Chick magnet, which is a chicken based taco, BUT my friends, you can simply ask for your taco to be MEATLESS(they have a quinoa-corn base), and you can order any taco or item on the menu and it's veggie friendly.

12. The Greenery Creamery


Located on the strip between CitiTower and 420 East, is the greenery creamery! If you are in the mood for some plant-based ice cream and aesthetically pleasing decor, you really need to head over to this ice creamery! They have a large selection of ice creams that are coconut based, and I highly recommend you try the Cardamom Rose and the Smokey caramel. Plus, they have black ice cream cones, so it's insta worthy.

So to my vegan and veggie friends make sure you go out downtown to try these places out! Or if you know anyone who is vegan/vegetarian or even if you are just looking for a new place to eat, these restaurants/ food stops will not disappoint! Happy eating!

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