The Best Small Coffee Shops Near Arizona State University
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8 Awesome Coffee Shops Near ASU That AREN’T Starbucks Or Dutch Bros.

For all avid coffee lovers that live in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe area.

8 Awesome Coffee Shops Near ASU That AREN’T Starbucks Or Dutch Bros.

Not going to lie, I love coffee. Is it an addiction? Probably. Do I feel a need to stop or am I going to stop anytime soon? NOPE! Since I know that I am not the only one around these parts that has this addiction, I compiled a list of the coffee shops either I have been to or want to go to.

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE both Dutch Bros. and Starbucks, but I am trying to think outside the box for the purpose of this article.

1. JoJo Coffee House

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, JoJo Coffee House has been on my list to visit ever since it opened. This super cute shop was founded by a man named Mike Melton whose mission is "connecting the community through coffee, food, and self-expression." There's not only coffee there, but super yummy looking meals as well. The cool tones with both wood and brick texture give this place such an awesome vibe, it would be great for Instagram pictures and maybe even a first date.

2. Echo Coffee

"Fresh. Local. Organic." These are the first words that catch your eye when you check out this website. Echo Coffee is all about sharing love with the community. I drive by on my way to work all the time and the outside of the shop always draws my attention. Of course, this cute shop has nothing but good reviews... especially for the people who might have a dairy allergy. There are multiple reviews of people raving about how Echo Coffee is able to cater to their personal needs.

3. Cartel Coffee Lab

I have been to Cartel Coffee Lab on multiple occasions. Even if for some odd reason I might not be in the mood for coffee, the other options they have are to die for. The wonderful aesthetic of Cartel is almost enough to make a person keep coming back. The hipster/alternative vibes are captivating as you sit there and work on homework or enjoy conversations with friends. When you check out the Cartel Coffee Lab website, be sure to check out their blog that is up under the tab "learn."

4. Hava Java

Not only is this a super fun name to say... but it is the longest running gourmet coffee shop in Arizona. They opened their doors in 1992, the founder Justin Shafer has this motto "Serve the finest products, expediently as possible, in a clean, upbeat environment and make our customers our friends." I don't think it can get any better than that. The bright red chairs that reside in Hava Java really make a fun and bold environment that seems so welcoming.

5. Black Cat Coffee House

One unique thing that this coffee shop does is, connect and work with local artists. Photographers, artists, musicians, etc. They have featured artists on their website to help them get exposure. This type of work with the community is something that differs from most coffee shops. Not only are they on a mission to help local artists... but they also want to make you a mean cup of joe! From personal experience... I know that Black Cat Coffee is a wonderful place to jumpstart your morning or give you a boost midway through the day.

6. Press Coffee Roasters

I saw a girl walking around ASU's Tempe campus one day with a Press coffee shop cup. Intrigued, I looked it up and have had a desire ever since then to go visit. Not only is their website appealing to the eye, but so are their locations. It seems that recently there have been more and more of these shops popping up all over the valley.. that right there is a sign of a successful coffee house. Not to mention that my mouth can't help but water when I was looking up pictures of their menu items... I need a dirty chai NOW!

7. Snakes and Lattes

Games AND Coffee?! YES! Snakes and Lattes is about as unique a coffee shop can get. There is coffee, food, and then over one thousand games that you can play. This is the type of coffee shop that you could study in, but more than likely.... you go to mess around with friends. It is on my list to visit. Not only is it a physical shop, but they have an online shop as well, with free shipping on all U.S. domestic orders!

8. Seattle Espresso

Have the travel bug? Head over to Seattle Espresso to get a taste of coffee from Seattle, Washington itself. Opened back in 1993, the goal was to bring the wonderful taste from the northwest down to our neck of the woods. The menu has a wide variety from espresso, specialty espresso, to non-coffee drinks, and the miscellaneous items. Coffee lovers and others can all join together for a community feeling! All reviews I researched and read have been nothing but positive, complimenting not only the coffee but the staff and locations themselves.

To sum it all up, I hope these coffee shops have given you the inspiration to go outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

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