10 Perks Of Being Single
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10 Perks Of Being Single When Everyone Else Is Cuffed Up

Cuffed Up: To be in a relationship or a flirtationship with another person.

10 Perks Of Being Single When Everyone Else Is Cuffed Up

Everyone always gets so down in the dumps when it comes to being single, but they do not realize all the benefits that singleness brings. Being single is a blessing in and of itself. You don't have to worry about another human being's schedule to work around nor do you have to worry about you or an S.O. being a bed hog. I'm telling you, singleness has its perks.

Here are just 10 of the reasons not being "cuffed" is honestly the best:

1. You are more social.

Those who are single are more likely to socialize and make more IRL connections than those who are in a relationship. It's just a fact.

2. You don't have to stress over holiday plans.

There is a lot to plan over the holidays when you are in a relationship with somebody else, whose house are you going to for what holidays and when are you going? It honestly just sounds way too stressful.

3. You get more sleep.

Single people get more sleep. Getting enough sleep is crucial because it allows our bodies to have a time of rest and to heal from the things that our bodies have to endure during the day.

4. You can flirt with whoever, whenever.

Some people are just natural flirts. They like to flirt and flirt and flirt. If this is the case for you, stay single.

5. If you're a single woman, you probably earn more money.

Single women earn larger annual incomes than their married co-workers of the same age. I guess being single really does pay in some aspects.

6. You can spend more time with yourself.

It is just a fact that when you are not putting time into a S.O., you are able to put much more time into yourself.

7. You don't have to go out (and can avoid the cold).

If you're not seeing someone, you don't have to go outside in the freezing cold.

8. You don't have to stress about impressing your significant other's family.

The thought of trying to make the best first impression ever just causes way too much anxiety.

9. You can avoid the awkwardness of introducing your S.O. to your family.

You know those awkward family members who you really don't want to introduce to an S.O., but really have no choice? Well that problem is solved when you are not cuffed up.

10. You can wear sweats and a hoodie all the time.

Living in comfy clothes when you don't have to work? Count me in!

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