It's not every election year that a candidate's hair draws as much attention as the candidate himself. Donald Trump's famous comb over has garnered all sorts of comparisons: corn cobs, cotton candy, and even cats. In order to transition from his famous 'do, he'd need an epic hair makeover. Why not try these 12 styles?

1. "Joe Dirt" Mullet

This would be the perfect photo opportunity! Have Trump stand in front of the flag, point at the camera and say...well, whatever he feels like at the time.

On second thought, maybe we should vote for Joe instead.

2. Corn rows

Introducing the newest hip hop artist, Trump Dogg!

3. Man Bun

Man buns will make America great again, am I right?

4. Bowl Cut

Heard from the Trump household: "Melania, don't you get that bowl out. Melania! MELANIA, NO!"

5. Dreadlocks

He'll need more than a comb over for this.

6. The Early Bieber

Both candidates are courting millennials. But who will be a beauty and who will be beat?

Is it too late now to say sorry?

7. Spaghetti

He'll always have a snack on head...I mean, hand.

8. Bald

Maybe this was his plan all along: if he wears his campaign's baseball cap all the time, no one will notice he's gone bald! Besides, imagine how much time he'd have if he didn't have to worry about that comb over. He could build his wall - with Legos!

9. Jersey Shore

Take a cue from Pauly D, Mr. Trump. All you need to do is borrow your sons' hair gel. They've got plenty to go around.

10. The Weeknd

Voters on Trump: "And I know he'll be the death of me, at least we'll both be numb. And he'll always get the best of me, the worst is yet to come."

11. Evil Scientist/Don King

He'll be ready for Halloween because, trust me, you cannot unsee this.

12. Facial Hair

Instead of changing the hair on his head, why not draw attention to his mouth? Maybe then we'll be able to lip-read the next time his microphone is defective during a debate.

And the next time you want to dye your hair, Mr. Trump, give this box a try: