My Boyfriend & I Can Hang Out And Do Different Things

My Boyfriend And I Can Still Hang Out Together While Doing Different Things

Doing your own thing together is how couples make it work.


Couples often have lots of things in common; if they didn't, they wouldn't be together. People often find things in common and do them together, but sometimes doing your own thing together is just as fun.

My boyfriend and I have things in common; same taste in movies, dogs, TV shows, etc. But he loves video games, and myself...I don't mind them, but I'm not very good at them. The coordination isn't there. On days when we hang out and he's playing games, I am perfectly content to lay on the couch watching him and reading a good book.

We have a mutual understanding that we can enjoy each other's company and do our own things together in the process. He'll get me to stop reading to watch him play a level or explain a part of a game to me when I ask a question. I'll rant to him about a character in a book, or he'll hold me after a character dies. Couples who do things together have healthy relationships, and when you do your own things together, it's the same principle. And it isn't just video games and books, we watch different YouTube videos, but share them with one another.

Doing things together doesn't always have to be the same thing, you are allowed to have your own interests outside of your relationship together. It helps you maintain your own identity besides being apart of the relationship with this other person. Making a relationship work means being your own person and being in a relationship while still maintaining who you are. Don't lose yourself so much in loving a person that you lose sight of who you are as an individual.

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