Dog Toys that Keep Them Busy
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Dog Toys that Keep Them Busy

Dog Toys that Keep Them Busy

To keep our dogs happy and healthy, we need them to have mental stimulation. This can come in the form of obstacle courses, obedience training or going on runs, but the easiest way to get your dog the mental stimulation is through selecting the right toys.

The right toys can keep your dog entertained for hours, and they will be so mentally stimulated that they’ll take a nice long nap after to recharge. We can all agree that having a calm dog is pretty nice! Every dog is different, and whether your dog is a calm licker or a gremlin chewer, there are toys for everyone. In order to find out what toys are best for your specific pup we will want to identify some things.

For large, extremely rough chewers that will rip a plush toy to shred in a matter of seconds, they will need something extra durable. Here are some dogs toys for power chewers:

1, Kong Extreme Dog Toys:

A kong can keep your dog occupied for HOURS, and for tough chewers this plastic toy can last you forever, which is great. Not many brands can say their toys can endure the vigorous chewing of a bored dog. The nice thing about Kong Extreme toys is that they have a hollow middle, so you can put (dog safe) peanut butter OR the Kong stuffing that comes with it.

I have personally found that peanut butter takes longer for them to go through because it gets stuck to parts of the inside of the toy, but you have to be cautious because some peanut butter contains Xylitol, which is extremely harmful for dogs.

2. Kong Flyer Dog Toy:

This is a great one for your bigger pups, but it’s not something you are gonna want to leave in their kennel because though they are made with rough material they are not AS tough as the kong extreme.

This is more of an interactive toy. It’s something you can throw in the yard for hours and watch your pup galavant through the grass with. They’ll be tongue out buns out after they get all their energy out with this one!

3. Mammoth tire biter

This toy looks like a big tire toy, and it’s made with extremely tough plastic so that little pieces won’t rip off as your large pup chews it. Dogs can soak their teeth in this for hours and derive the enjoyment of playing with something that’s as tough as they are.

It’s important to note that with extremely tough chewers you NEVER want to leave a toy they can rip up with them alone. This is why these are dog toys without stuffing. Not only can they ingest the pieces and cause harm to their insides but they can also choke. Dogs tend to love squeaker toys because it reminds them of the high pitched noise released by prey, so these can be used with close supervision only.

For our medium sized and medium bite chewers, we can go with some lighter options.

JW Pet Hol-ee Bone with Squeaker Dog Toys

This gem is a super duper fun bone shaped toy with holes in it and a squeaker in the middle! It’s perfect for medium chewers, because though it’s not as tough as the ones for the extreme chewers, the squeaker is somewhat protected by the covering to prevent ingesting the chewer. Dogs will love sinking their teeth into this and squeaking away with it.

If you hate the sound of the squeaker I get it! You can try throwing it outside for your pup so it’s not an all day thing because I know how annoying it can get to us humans. Good thing our dogs are cute and we know they deserve the world!

Chuck it! Amphibious Boomerang

This one is one of the coolest ones out there! This is a boomerang, and if you’ve never used one before it's meant for you to throw it and it’ll swing right back to you. Imagine your dog's excitement when it not only goes far for them to fetch but starts flying back the other way! For moderate chewers this can be left with them because it's made of tough plastic. Your dog might just become obsessed with this one!

Kong Ballistic Dog Tug

Now this one your gonna wanna stop the car for. This toy has two holes on the side for some FUN tug of war! Your pup will be playing and enjoying the game, whether it’s with you or another pup in the house! Dogs go ballistic over a good game of tug, and if they are more on the calm side and enjoy toys they can lick and eat better then there are some other options out there for them.

For your littles who have those tiny little mouths, there are other options I would recommend. These little guys usually won’t chew through the fluff, so if you are wondering whether you should choose a medium chewing toy or something for the little guys, it’s gonna depend on if your dog is one to rip all the cotton out of a toy or not.

Flamingo dog toy

This adorable plush toy is shaped like…you guessed it…a flamingo! Your dog will love biting down on something soft for their little mouth and trust me, they will just have a ball with this one!

KONG Cozie Pocketz Dog Toy

This one is great for supervised or unsupervised play because it has a removable squeaker! This means your pup will fall in love with playing with it, and when you leave you can leave it with your dog without the risk of them potentially hurting themselves.

Unfortunately leaving a squeaker in a toy with a dog while alone could have life threatening consequences. Dogs have previously gotten to the squeaker and ingested it, which can cause tearing of the intestines or in the worst case scenario, death. This toy has you and your dog in mind and allows for harm-free play when you are gone with their beloved toy.

Kong plush beaver

This is a great one for the little guys, and just go look up how cute it is! This little beaver also has the removable squeaker, AND it has minimal stuffing for less mess just in case your dog does happen to poke a hole in it with their little teeth. It’s a win-win for everyone!

By providing your pup with the proper toys and fun, you are giving them a rich life full of positive experiences. We owe it to our pups to give them the best life possible, and they will surely grow to love and enjoy all these adorable little toys just as much as we love playing with them.

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