Ranking Iconic Disney Park Snacks From a Disney Parks Junkie
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Ranking Iconic Disney Park Snacks From a Disney Parks Junkie

Because Snacks are 100% better when they are Disney ones.

Ranking Iconic Disney Park Snacks From a Disney Parks Junkie

While The Happiest Place on Earth is known for many things, some people may not know that Disney World (and other Disney Parks) are very well known for their snacks. Disney Parks have a variety of snacks to offer, from classic theme park finds such as popcorn and churros, to sweets such as ice cream and cupcakes, and even gigantic turkey legs! While there is a huge variety of food Disney has to offer, there is one special group of snacks that seems to be iconic to every Disney fan. Whether it's because they're shaped like the mouse himself, or because they just taste really good, these snacks hold a special place in every Disney fan's heart. But what is the best out of all these snacks? Or what do I think is worth using a snack credit on? Well, that's why I'm here to give my opinion on what I think the best iconic Disney snacks are!

***DISCLAIMER: Like I said, this is MY opinion, and there is a good possibility we may have different tastes!

14.Turkey Leg


Now let me admit something, the reason these are last for me is because I am a vegetarian, so I really don't eat these. But I can base an opinion from what I know about them. These turkey legs are HUGE, like a lot bigger than you might think. Honestly even if I wasn't a vegetarian, I'd probably still rate these low. The biggest problem with these turkey legs is that they are huge and they are also quite heavy, so dragging a turkey leg around the park with you may become a bit of a hassle. Also, unless you feel that you can fit this gigantic, 750 calorie turkey leg in one sitting, you''ll most likely need to share this with someone else. I have heard these taste quite good though, so if you and someone you know want to share this, by all means please do. But if you're looking for something quick and convenient to carry around, this isn't it.

13.Carmel Apple


Imagine, you're walking down Main Street towards the castle and you pass the confectionary. You cant help but turn your head and stare at the beautiful caramel apples sitting in the window, so you tell yourself you have to get one. Yes, the caramel apples at Disney are visually pleasing, with them being done for a variety of different characters, holidays, etc. Like the turkey leg though, these caramel apples are quite big. In order to actually eat these, you either need a large mouth, or you'll need to cut it apart (which ruins the design unfortunately). Since these are big, they'll also be a big challenging to carry around, which isn't ideal if you want to keep moving. Besides, sometimes you may not get a super fresh one, and the caramel and apple combo can be quite sticky for us with sweet tooth's.

12.Mickey Ice Cream Bar


I know that I would probably get some hate for putting this iconic treat really low, but hear me out. Yes, these bars are absolutely perfect to get a picture in front of the castle with, and yes they taste really good. However, do not expect that they will keep their shape for that long, especially in the summer. These bars seem to melt super fast, and before you know it you have a mess on your hands (literally). If you want a nice, cool treat to help beat the heat, don't fret just yet. There are a few treats I'll get to on this list that will help you with that, without creating a gooey mess on your hands.

11.Rice Krispie Treat


If you want a little-to-no mess mickey shaped food that's perfect for on-the-go, then the rice krispie treat is perfect for you. These come in a variety of sizes, and depending on where you get them, you can get them plain or with a variety of toppings/coatings. These are great on-the-go snacks that can be easily carried around the parks. If you have the dining plan though, I personally would hold off on using snack credits for these, since these are so easy to make at home. However, if you're at the end of your trip and you still have leftover credits, go to you nearest gift shop/confectionary and use some of them on the pre-packaged ones, since they make great snacks for the trip home (or the next morning when you already miss Disney).

10.Ice Cream Sundae


There are a variety of ways you can have ice cream while you're at Disney, but nothing is better than taking some time to enjoy an ice cream sundae. While there are a variety of sundaes you can get, I'm going to focus on this small kitchen sink sundae. It comes in a cute little mickey-themed sink (that you get to keep!) and its perfect either for you or to share with someone. While you would have to take some time out of you day to sit down and enjoy this, to me its worth it, especially since you can get a different assortment of flavors and toppings. If you're feeling more adventurous (or you have a larger appetite), try the beach bucket sundae (yes, its served in a plastic beach bucket with a plastic beach shovel) at Blizzard Beach Water Park, or have you and your group try the gigantic kitchen sink sundae at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at the Beach Club resort.

9.Cake Pops


Another Mickey shaped treat that is perfect for traveling around the parks with. These cake pops are nice and dense, and come in different sizes. They have cake pops in a variety of different colors and toppings, and be sure to look out for ones decorated as your favorite character. I personally love the ones they create around the holidays (Halloween and Christmas are the best) and these are perfect to capture a quick Instagram photo with (because let's be real, we take pictures with all of our Disney food).

8.Anything From Goofy's Candy Co.


One of my favorite places to go to at Disney Springs is the Goofy's Candy Co. shop because there is a huge variety of treats for you to get. They have everything from character-shaped candy, cookies, chocolate pretzels, and many of the other iconic park treats I may have listed. Also, if you need something to cool off with, the Goofy Glaciers are a perfect treat to have. Even if you don't stop at Disney Springs, these bagged treats are sold at a variety of different shops around the parks and hotels, so you're bound to see these wherever you go. If you need a quick sweet (or sour) treat, or you need to use your snack credits on something before you leave, these make perfect treats for traveling with.



When it comes to cupcakes at Disney Parks, I will tell you right now that you will not be disappointed. Why? Because Disney has SO MANY different types of cupcakes, so you'll be sure to find one that you like. There are many different flavors and toppings they use, and no matter where you go you'll see something different. Be on the lookout for their signature cupcakes, which are usually limited time and are themed to different characters, holidays, attractions, etc. These are a nice treat that will leave you satisfied. I will leave you with one warning though, these are REALLY sugary and sweet, so sweet tooth's beware.



I know this might be such a simple snack to be ranked so high, but this may be partially because I'm a big popcorn lover, and the popcorn at Disney does not disappoint. This is almost like movie theatre popcorn, its buttery and has just a bit of salt too. The best way you can enjoy popcorn at Disney is by purchasing a popcorn bucket. These come in a variety of different styles depending on the year and season, but there are some pretty extravagant ones that make great souvenirs as well. Also with the bucket, you get to refill your bucket for a pretty low price at any place in the park, which makes them convenient if you want a snack. There's also different popcorn flavors at certain areas of the park (Go to Epcot for Cheddar Cheese, Buffalo Bleu Cheese, and Sour Cream and Chive flavors) and some that appear seasonally.



I think churros tend to be a huge favorite for a lot of Disney park fans, and I can see why. They are a light, fried snack that is perfect if you want something sweet (but not too sweet). They churros at Disney World are good, and I have heard the ones at Disneyland are even better (and also mickey-shaped!). They even have specialty churros in some areas of the parks (lightsaber ones at Galaxy's Edge). While I don't hate the churros, I personally don't eat them often because they do make me slightly nauseated. But they are still really good, so sometimes for me it's worth it for the nausea.

4.Mickey Waffles


Any Disney fan will tell you that the best way to start a morning at Disney is with some Mickey-shaped waffles. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's the only acceptable way to start your Disney morning off. I'm normally a pancake person, but I could never turn down one of these delicious waffles. They come in both small and large waffles, and they are paired perfectly with either syrup or some whipped cream. There are a few other waffles around the parks like stitch and star wars themed ones, but the mickey ones are the best because the shape of them allows the syrup to get into the deep parts of the waffle.

3.Dole Whip


A very popular treat among many, this frozen snack is a nice alternative to ice cream. Dole Whips tend to be a staple among many Disney fans, and there's no secret why. This non-dairy alternative to ice cream is perfect for people who want the refreshing feeling of a cold soft serve, but may not want something heavy like ice cream (also friendly for our lactose intolerant friends out there). While I don't always crave a Dole Whip; when I want one, I get one. They really are a nice flavor, and they are truly refreshing especially as a float. Don't like pineapple? Try the citrus swirl instead or the strawberry Dole Whip.

2.Mickey Pretzel


No lie, these pretzels are amazing. First, the shape of them is just absolutely adorable, and they make really good photo ops. Second, they taste amazing, especially with the cheese that is paired with them. These pretzels are a nice snack to have if you are looking for something more savory. Even if you want something sweet, Disney can still provide that to you with pretzels. Look out for cinnamon sugar pretzels, or go to Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom to try the cream cheese pretzels. Mickey pretzels are a perfect snack that can fill you up as you explorer the parks.

1.Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich


If I had to describe these ice cream sandwiches in a sentence, I would say that these are the underrated sibling to the Mickey Ice Cream Bar. I feel like this treat constantly gets outshined by the ice cream bar, but I feel that these are 100x better. It's basically cookies and crème ice cream shoved between two soft chocolate Mickey-shaped cookies, and the results are just a mouthful of sweet, cookies and crème goodness. I also think these are slightly easier to eat (use the wrapper to help you) without making too much of a mess. Overall, you can eat these on the go, and they taste amazing, so they are the best in my opinion.

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