Top 10 Foods Of Tokyo Disney

Top 10 Foods Of Tokyo Disney

Listen Tokyo Disney has the best themed food of any Disney park.

Disney parks fascinate everyone, maybe that's why there is a park in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. One thing is for sure though everyone loves Disney food. For some reason, their food is just amazing. Like Walt Disney World popcorn is the most amazing popcorn ever. So it's no wonder that Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea stepped their game when they made their food for the parks. There are some people who go just for the food. So I hope you are hungry because we are going on a food journey.

1. Shrimp Bun

I am not a huge seafood fan but I would totally try this because look how cute it is. So what the shrimp bun is, is a gyoza bun (a Japanese dumpling) filled with shrimp. This can be found at Tokyo DisneySea so the theming of Donald in a inner tube is perfect.

2. Mochi

The Green Alien and Scrump Mochi may be the most famous instragramed food at Tokyo Disney. The Green Alien Mochi is filled with ice cream and can be found in Tomorrowland in Tokyo Disneyland. The Scrump Mochi is filled with banana, mango, and purple sweet potato. While some say they don't live up to their reputation many still buy them just for the photo op.

3. Chandu Tail

First Chandu is an adorable tiger sidekick of Sinbad who has his own ride at Tokyo DisneySea.

Surprisingly the Chandu tail is savory not sweet. It is once again a gyoza bun but this time it is filled with chicken. I mean this is a way to have your kids eat their food because of how cute it is.

4. Mickey Glove Bun

I love that they use this fun Mickey glove shaped bun for sandwiches. Tokyo Disney gets it right when it comes to the theme of their food tying in with the park.

5. Pizza Spring Roll

Yes, you did just read that right, Tokyo Disneyland has a pizza spring roll. This delicious treat can be found in Toon Town in Tokyo Disneyland. But for real I need one right now.

6. Mickey Churro

Listen we wouldn't be talking about Disney food if we didn't include the churro. Now Tokyo just stepped up and made it Mickey shaped. I hope you are taking notes Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

7. Mike Wazowski Melon Bread

Literally the cutest bread I have ever seen! This treat can be found in Tokyo Disneyland at Sweetheart Cafe. The bun has a light melon taste and his eye is chocolate.

8. Gyoza Dog

Other than the mochi this is the food item that I have heard about the most. This is so popular that some lines for it are longer than lines for attractions. It is a soft, spongy roll with sausage in it.

9. Duffy Cake

Duffy is extremely popular in Tokyo so its no wonder that he has his own desert. This soft cake with sweet cream filing is usually an Easter time exclusive. It comes with a souvenir plate and sells fast because of the obsession with Duffy.

10. Popcorn

I know that we love our Disney popcorn here in the states but in Tokyo they will wait in a line that is an hour long just to get some. Their popcorn comes in all different types of flavors like honey, caramel, curry, chocolate, soy sauce & butter and salt. To go with it Tokyo Disney has the most amazing popcorn buckets ever.

Well now that I am hungry and planning my trip to Tokyo Disney, we have ended this food journey. This are so many unique food items at Tokyo Disney that it is hard to try them all in one trip. Which item are you most interested in trying?

Cover Image Credit: Theme Park Tourist

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11 K-Pop Songs For Any Mood, Big Or Small

It's becoming a popular genre, so here's some suggestions.


Over the past two years, I have been diving into a genre that has become very popular called K-pop. K-pop is short for Korean pop which is what the name entitles. Koreans singing pop music. The reason that I have been getting more into this genre was because of a group called BTS (if you don't know who they are at this moment and why, they are seven guys that essentially broke through the music barrier in the US first. To all my fellow army reading this, they paved the way). It takes a lot to understand what a song meaning is, but here are some for any mood.

1. Lost or feeling like you're nothing

Some suggestions that I would give are "Butterfly" by Loona or "2! 3!" by BTS. Both songs talk about being strong and that there are days that are going to be better because you are awesome.

2. Just went through a breakup and you're pissed

This I have go to with "Gashina" by solo artist Sunmi. It's more of the badass song that gives off this "bitch, why did you mess with me" vibe and literally one of the lyrics is "why are you leaving such a beautiful woman like me behind?"

3. Just went through a breakup and you're sad.

I had to dig but I have to go with "Butterfly" by BTS. This has a different feel from Loona's "Butterfly" but it's good to listen to because it can lift up a spirit.

4. Need a pump up song before a house party

"Gogobebe" by Mamamoo. It's that song that can get someone pumped up for a night out while getting ready, in my opinion at least.

5. A good party song

"Cherry Bomb" by NCT 127. The beat is big and it's a song to get people dancing.

6. A song for Wine Wednesday

"Dionysus" by BTS. The song title is literally the Greek God of wine. I don't that's not the meaning behind the lyrics but like... wine.

7. A song for if you just want people to say your name

"Say My Name" by ATEEZ. A new hot rookie group that I've been obsessed with listening to like that deep voice when they sing "say my name, say my name, say my naaaame."

8. Just need some drama in your life

"Dramarama" by Monsta X. *deep breath* DRAMAMARAMAMARAMAMA HEY! And rest.

9. In a happy and peppy mood

"Very Very Very" by I.O.I. Can I first say I love this song and can I also say that I wish I.O.I didn't disband.

10. A good summer song

"Dance the Night Away" or "What is Love" both by Twice. They're great songs and the music videos for both are just amazing. I mean, "What is Love" makes many video references!

11. A song you need to stream

Just stream K-pop in general. It's hard to get into the mainstream of music here in the United States and now K-pop is in that. Yes, it's in a language most may not know, but it's not the language. Music is universal.

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