A Definitive Ranking of Taylor Swift's Music Videos
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A Definitive Ranking of Taylor Swift's Music Videos

It's hard to rank perfection over perfection.

A Definitive Ranking of Taylor Swift's Music Videos

24. Change

"Change" is your basic performance video. Before Tay used her videos to tell stories, she got her band together and was like, "Hey, let's film ourselves rockin' out." There's some pretty lights and Taylor's outfit is cute, so it's solid, but it doesn't stand a chance against her other music videos.

Best Scene: The violinist jamming', holding her bow in the air like a lighter.

23. Our Song

This is basically what any fifteen year old girl would make if given a camera crew, a hit song, and a budget. It is 100% TSwift walking around in pretty outfits and singing to a camera. And while it's only ranked #23, it brings me back to a time when her hair was curly and her songs country. And I don't hate it.

Best Scene: When Tay draws a heart in lipstick on her mirror. Classic 2007, and brilliant.

22. Picture to Burn

This video/song has gotten every girl through an angry breakup. It's so sassy, especially because Taylor's wearing hoop earrings. I don't know why, but I'm feelin' the hoops. I'd be pissed too if my ex let his new girlfriend (who has an awful haircut, btw) drive his truck when he never let me do it. Solid video.

Best Scene: When one of Taylor's henchmen licks all the silverware, and looks SO pleased with himself.

21. Shake it Off

I'll be honest, I don't love this one. It's scattered, and kinda weird...BUT it's all about being yourself, so I support it. Plus, you get some signature TSwift dance moves, and that's hilarious. I could do without the twerking and weird Lady Gaga-esque stuff though.

Best Scene: When Taylor falls trying to curtsey at the end, but kinda plays it off.

20.The Best Day

If this video doesn't give you every single one of the feels, you probably don't have a heart. A song dedicated to Mama Swift, filled with home videos? It's cool, I'm just casually tearing up over here. I kind of wish it could have been more highly ranked, but Tay just has too many good vids.

Best Scene: When Taylor and her little brother Austin are on a tractor in cute hats...and their dad is driving it.

19. Back to December

I feel like this is one of those videos you don't get until you've experienced 1) a break-up, 2) the cruel nature of life, or 3) both. The first time I watched it, I thought it was so pointless and weird, but writing this article and re-watching it, I don't understand how I completely missed what was happening. It gives me every single feel. Especially when she's all sad, fully-clothed in the bath tub.

Best Scene: When you realize that she puts the song lyrics in the jacket pocket. And that the jacket is his. And that he's been wearing it the whole time. And you put it all together.

18. The Story of Us

This video had me simultaneously hyped AND stressed for college, and I'm seriously not sure how. Everyone is sitting around a library looking so stressed that they might actually have an aneurysm (is this like, Yale, or something?), but amongst these stressed collegiates, you see quite a few good looking dudes. The spirit of awkward break-ups is perfectly captured, all the while showing us that libraries can be wild sometimes.

Best Scene: At the end, when Taylor and her ex are both just like, "whatev" and walk away from this library rager, like it's a completely normal thing.

17. Mean

This video has a cool, jazzy, 1920s feel to it. I dig it. I also dig Taylor standing up for herself hardcore. I do not, however, dig the banjo. Her incorporating real life bullying into it is pretty cool too- it helps send the message that bullying happens, and that it's not okay. The fact that this poor girl has to wear a giant star and be ridiculed to pay for college made me tear up a bit, tbh. Also, Tay has amazing style throughout this entire video. She would have killed it in the 1920s.

Best Scene: When Taylor gets her sass on when she says "And a liar, and pathetic". Love it.

16. We Are Never Getting Back Together

This video is terrifically weird. Taylor's pajamas are funky, her dance moves are hilariously awkward, and her band is dressed up as animals. My personal favorite is the overly-enthusiastic bear/guitarist.

Best Scene: Every scene with the band. Their facial expressions kill me. Incredible. Just look:

15. 22

"22" is one of those videos that doesn't quite have a point. It's basically Taylor and her friends dancing around, going to a beach, and having a party at her house. The main reason I ranked it so highly, is that it's just about being yourself and having fun with your friends. And I like that. It also just makes me want to dance.

Best Scene: When Taylor walks into a party full of people casually wearing a cat ears headband, and it's totally accepted by all.

14. Bad Blood

This entire video summed up into two sentences: "Hi, my name is Taylor Swift, and these are literally all of my hot friends. Also, I know Kendrick." It kind of feels pointless to me though, and I might have liked the video more if it featured less self-esteem lowering Victoria's Secret models. I happened to be eating a sandwich whilst watching it, but once it was over, I strangely didn't want it anymore. It had Meredith Grey though, and that definitely got it some points in my book. Also T looks great as a redhead.

Best Scene: When Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey are casually in the same scene, walking by and giving TSwift a nod of approval.

13. I Knew You Were Trouble

"I Knew You Were Trouble" has a hella long monologue in the beginning about heartbreak, memories, regret, and basically just knowing this dude was trouble. It's kinda deep, kinda cool, and kinda weird. The video opens with Taylor waking up in an abandoned Coachella-esque campsite, and then tells the story of her relationship with the guy who got her there. I love this video though. It's so different from anything else she's ever done, and her hair has pink streaks in it. I also think everyone knows the feeling of falling for the wrong person but not being able to stop yourself.

Best Scene: When she has all of the flashbacks to her relationship at the beginning of the video.

12. Tim McGraw

As one of Taylor's first videos, it's so country. And it's incredible. There are lakes, cornfields, and a pick-up truck. It features flashbacks of Tay and her ex-boyfriend together, and then shows them apart and sad. And then he goes to his house, and Taylor wrote him a letter, and you can tell that reading it is breaking him. And that kind of breaks you. And you're still kind of reeling from all the cute flashbacks. Just let yourself feel all of the feelings. It's okay.

Best Scene: The flashback of Taylor and her boyfriend slow dancing in an empty field next to his pick-up truck.

11. Ours

MATT SARACEN IS IN THIS VIDEO. I REPEAT: MATT SARACEN IS IN THIS VIDEO. Not only is about an army love that conquers all, but the greatest character in all of FNL history is her love interest. I will not lie to you, I cried at the end. It was just so, so beautiful. And it's Matt Saracen.

Best Scene: The ending. Just watch it, and try not to cry.

10. White Horse

This video will break your heart, but also make you remember why you loved Laguna Beach. Dating back to her Fearless days, Taylor is still pretty young in "White Horse", and watching her get her heart broken is really sad, BUT Stephen Coletti is the guy breaking it. As in LC's crush from her Laguna days. As in, the Stephen who couldn't choose between Kristin and LC. Overall, it's a classic video, and it'll take you back to a time when all of T's songs were about heartbreak. It will also make you re-watch your Laguna Beach box set.

Best Scene: At the end, when he asks her for another chance, and she's a strong, independent female who says no. #girlpower

9. Everything Has Changed

POTENTIALLY THE CUTEST VIDEO I'VE EVER SEEN IN ALL MY TWENTY YEARS OF LIVING. It is literally two six year-olds falling in love in a classroom. The best part is, they're so totally different. But they realize that they like each other, and spend all of their time together. They do yoga, build a fort, eat lunch on the monkey bars, and he even plays his guitar for her. I can't deal.

Best Scene: When the kids' parents pick them up from school, and the girl's mom is Taylor and the boy's dad is Ed Sheeran (!!!!!!).

8. Love Story

I don't know if it's because my class was reading Romeo and Juliet when this video came out, but I have always been a fan. Taylor looks like a 17th century princess, and Justin Gaston (the guy in the video) is an absolute babe. Thirteen year-old me LIVED for their forbidden love, and was literally obsessed with the entire plot of the video. Twenty year-old me doesn't hate it either.

Best Scene: The classic "running through a field and embracing in the middle of it" scene.

7. Teardrops on my Guitar

I have fondly referred to this song/video as "The Friendzone Anthem" frequently. Everyone knows the feeling of falling for someone who sees you only as a friend. And it really, really sucks. And the video perfectly captures just how sucky it can be. Especially when Taylor's super hot guy friend/ crush confides in her about just how much he likes this other girl. We all feel you Tay, we really do.

Best Scene: When a very classy single tear rolls down Taylor's cheek as she lays on her bed in a gorgeous dress, clutching her guitar. So symbolic. So beautiful.

6. Begin Again

Fun fact: since watching this video, I have spent an embarrassing amount of time reading in cafés, secretly hoping a cute, sweet, nice guy will notice me. Because that's the basis of this entire video. A recently heartbroken Taylor sits in a café in Paris drawing by herself, when BAM. A ridiculously good looking guy leaves his friends/ business partners/ whoever they are to go strike up a conversation with her. And then they fall in love, obviously, and she realizes that love can still find her even after her (seemingly mean/possibly emotionally abusive) ex. After watching this video, I have enough inspiration to daydream for the rest of my life.

Best Scene: When hours pass by as Taylor and this guy sit in the café talking and laughing, and you just know she's already falling in love with him.

5. Style

"Style" is arguably my favorite song from 1989, so when I found out Taylor was making a video for it, I was PUMPED. And it did not disappoint. It matches the vibe of the song completely, and I adore the wall projections and mirror shards. The guy in the video also has one brown eye and one blue eye, and that's super cool. It was a definite style transition for Taylor, but she did it so well. Overall an excellent video.

Best Scene: When Taylor is standing against a white wall in all white, and it looks like lightning is happening on her clothes. SO. COOL.

4. Mine

Yet another video that gave me the feels. Taylor, a girl from a broken home, finds love in a restaurant, AGAIN (seriously, can I have the names and addresses of these places please???). He earns her trust, they move in together and they fight, but through thick and thin, they stand by each other and build a life together. He proposes on a canoe, because he is perfect, and they get married and start a family. And they live happily ever after, and the video is over. And it's amazing.

Best Scene: The canoe proposal. By far.

3. Blank Space

I literally do not know a single person who dislikes this video. The first time I heard "Blank Space", I knew it would be a hit, but had no idea Taylor could even make a video this good. I love how the song is all about the media's portrayal of her, and how Taylor goes all out with the stereotypes in her video, like cutting up his tee-shirt and knifing his painting. From walking across a huge courtyard in evening wear with Rottweilers, to standing on a horse, to stabbing a cake, everything Taylor does in this video is gold. Taylor-1, Media-0.

Best Scene: Taylor making out with this hot, unconscious guy, after beating the sh*t out of his car with a golf club.

2. Wildest Dreams

"Wildest Dreams" in one, singular word: ICONIC. My roommates will vouch for the fact that, after watching this video, I said "Oh my God", and proceeded to watch it fifteen more times, completely in awe. Scott Eastwood is a DIME, and Taylor totally reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor in the best way possible. Her style is seriously amazing. Scott flies her in a plane over the most gorgeous landscape, and kisses her on the edge of a FREAKIN' waterfall. The animals are beautiful and majestic, and I'm obssessed with the 1950s setting. Words can't even do it justice. The plot twist at the glamorous movie premiere made me scream "NO!", and almost cry, but it was honestly an incredible artistic choice. As if the video couldn't get any more perfect, Taylor donated all of its proceeds to wild animal conservation. Like I said, ICONIC.

Best Scene: When Taylor is in a gorgeous dress, sitting next to a lion and singing. In case you don't believe me:

1. You Belong with Me

Everything about "You Belong With Me" is absolutely flawless. Taylor and her super hot crush are neighbors. She is admittedly nerdy, and he's the star football player, but they have a great relationship. Their windows face each other, and they write each other messages on notepads (brb, dying of cuteness). But he has a girlfriend, who's really mean and played by a brunette Taylor. But blonde Taylor LOVES HIM. She writes it on the notepad, but can't work up the courage to show him. But he clearly likes her back. He sees her dancing in her room through his curtains and smiles, tucks a piece of hair behind her ear, and generally seems to like talking to her. He and mean, brunette Taylor break up, and sweet, blonde, nerdy Taylor decides she must go to the homecoming dance to tell him she loves him. She gets there, looking hot, and the gorgeous boy next door is blown away. She pulls out her "I love you" note and, much to everyone's surprise, he has one of his own in his jacket pocket (!!!!). Why he was carrying it around with him, we'll never know, but it doesn't even matter because they kiss and live happily ever after, placing this video at an easy #1. From start to finish, it was absolutely perfect, and what every 2009 teenage girl needed in her life.

Best Scene: The "I love you" note scene. Just look at it:

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Peace, love, Taylor Swift videos.

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