Dear Younger Me, I'm Not Sugar Coating This

Dear younger me, whatever you're stressed about probably isn't that important, so stop.

Stop obsessing over how he didn't message you back. I promise you he's not that important in the grand scheme of things. He isn't even cute. There are way hotter guys out there with WAY better haircuts. If you have enough time to stress about him not texting you back, you have enough time to go write that paper you've got due in 2 days.

Your hair looks fine. Stop touching it. And while we're at it, it really doesn't matter whether or not you have perfect makeup on every day. No one really cares, and besides, you look beautiful either way.

Don't listen to those girls. The things they say might sting a little now, but I promise you, their opinion does not matter. Like, at all. It doesn't now and it definitely won't in 5 years.


No one really cares what music you listen to. Stop pretending to like bad music just because other people think it's cool. Turn up old Taylor Swift and roll your windows down and yell all the words. I promise you'll regret it if you don't.

This world is a lot bigger than your little town, but if you don't start trying a little harder you might not get to see it.

And please, STOP saying you don't care. You do care. It is not cool to have an "I don't care" personality. It's okay to care about people and their feelings, it's okay to care about your grades, and it's okay to care about what is happening in the world around you. I don't care that having a "who cares" mentality about everything is considered cool. You aren't cool, you're just pretending to be, and I promise you, everyone else is too.

STUDY. DO THE HOMEWORK. TRY YOUR HARDEST WHILE SCHOOL IS EASY. This all goes back to caring about things. Please, for the sake of your future, CARE ABOUT SCHOOL. Being ignorant is not cool. Having a great future because you tried hard in school and cared about your grades and education is pretty cool.

And while we're at it, stop saying you'll "just get a sugar daddy." No, you will not. Go study.

It's okay to not have your life planned out yet. You're young and there are far more important things out there than mapping out your entire life right now. I promise it isn't worth the stress. It will all work itself out and you'll find what you love and are meant to do eventually, but for now please go be young. It goes by way faster than you and I could ever imagine.

It will all be fine. You will be fine. Everything will work out and in a few years it will all make sense, I promise. I promise you there is so much you haven't experienced yet that is SO worth this wild journey called life. So please, calm down, stop wasting your time on things that only stress you out, and start caring a little more, but above all of this be exactly who you want to be, because you're pretty great.

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