Dealing With Anxiety
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Dealing With Anxiety

For anyone who struggles with this on a daily basis- you're not alone.

Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety is an overwhelming feeling of fear that overwhelms a person's life. However, not all anxiety sufferers have the same symptoms, so diagnosis can be difficult. This can cause those with anxiety to be deterred from therapy because of the belief "there is nothing that can be done." I have been there before, and I know how it feels thinking there is no solution for you. I have found a few solutions that aid me during attacks and I hope some of them help you as well.

I've always heard "just breathe" when suffering a panic attack, and it's never been particularly helpful. It's actually kind of ironic; I know it's meant to help relax me, but it ends up making me more panicked because I'm so focused on breathing properly. I usually end up breathing manually for about twenty minutes and still feel anxious. It is important to calm your breathing, but in a way that works for you. I usually inhale and then exhale, making sure my exhale is longer than my inhale. This gives me the feeling I'm "letting go" of my fear.

When it comes to anxiety-fighting devices, I stick with something that stimulates my senses and comforts me. I've always loved using nice scents to fall asleep, so during an attack, I'll put lavender on my wrists and on my collarbone. The smell is incredibly comforting and helps keep me in reality. I'll also use a weighted blanket and a pillow. I wrap the blanket around my back and pull the pillow to my chest. Often, my heart is racing so feeling like I'm in a hug is a great way to calm my heart rate.

Finally, it's important to make sure you use self-talk. There are countless negative thoughts going on in my head when I'm anxious that feeds the fire. They need to be fought with positivity. And I'm not saying this is easy at all, I'm still struggling with this. It's best to start when you're having a good day or feel really good about yourself. Give yourself compliments, encourage yourself, and say self-affirmations to yourself. You'll become more comfortable doing it when you are actually having a panic attack, and it will become easier over time to do. But self-talk isn't just being kind to yourself, you need to challenge your fears. Anxiety doesn't come out of the blue, it is triggered by something. Try to identify what that is during the attack, or if you need to, write about it after your attack so you can better find a continuous trigger or aid in the future. Then, challenge your fear. Ask yourself, is there any legitimacy to this fear? Do I deserve to feel this way? The answer is no and no.

Anxiety shouldn't have the control it does over my life, and it shouldn't have control over you either. It doesn't have the right to control you or make you feel completely hopeless any more than a manipulative relationship does. If you ever need to ask for help you absolutely should. Please utilize these resources and take back control over your life.

Crisis Text Line: Text CONNECT to 741741

Panic Disorder Information Hotline: 1-800-64-PANIC (72642)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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