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Dealing With Anxiety Can Be Tough As A College Student

Anxiety is one of my biggest battles, and I won't go down easily.


Do you ever feel all over the place when things are not going your way? Are you currently feeling hopeless after a bad test? I can honestly think of several different situations where anxiety can occur. I would know because I consider myself a very anxious person. I never really confirmed that I have anxiety, but I have been in enough situations to consider it so. With anxiety, sometimes I feel like a shell of my current self. Anxiety makes me stress over both big and small situations more often than other people do. For example, in college, I always stress out when a test is coming up, especially when it is the first test of the semester. I get even more stressed when I end up failing exams and assignments. Also, with academics, I always end up comparing myself to other people who do better than me in certain classes. I know I shouldn't, but with anxiety I feel less than in every aspect of my life. Sometimes, I feel depressed for a day and feel like cancelling everyone out, which would only make it worse. It makes me doubt myself a lot. Despite gaining more confidence up to this point, I still get anxious from school, personal issues, and a whole mess of other stuff. I feel as if when you are naturally anxious, it never really goes away; however, it can be fought through.

So how do I deal with it?

I don't deal with my anxiety alone. I have a fair amount of support systems. For example, my best friend back home understands me enough to help me get through the tough times. She has been my rock for a very long time. I always know I can talk to her if things go bad. I also have my family who motivates me to be a better version of myself. Each day, I try to avoid anxiety by focusing on one task at a time. I used to try and multitask all at once. All that did was stress me out even more. I also listen to music when I'm in quiet areas. My point is, going through anxiety is not easy for me. There are times when I don't even want to socialize with other people because I think they think I'm crazy. But with a great method and support system, I make it my goal to live life to the fullest by being myself.

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