To the dad who works almost seven days a week, working long, odd hours. To the dad who does his best to make sure that his family always has what they need and then some. To the dad who tries to make sure that his children never go without experiencing the greater joys in life because money is tight or there just simply isn't time.

There are not many ways to thank you for all that you do except to thank you every minute of every day, and even then, that will never amount to the time and hard work you put in.

Growing up, and even to this day, my dad worked his tuchus off to make sure that my mom and I never went without. That sometimes meant that he had to work most of the time, and I didn't get to see him every day, but it was so we, as a family, could enjoy things like day trips and frequent vacations.

That isn't being spoiled, or being "rich," that's having someone in your life that is determined to make sure you're happy and content.

He worked tirelessly so that I can now get my college degree and live in nice campus housing and have spending money to enjoy college and not live off of ramen.

He persevered so that we could buy a house and finally move to the place where we have always wanted to be.

Dads like that don't come around often, unfortunately. But when they do, you should never take them for granted, even though sometimes you may not see what all of that hard work and long hours is doing to them.

Father's Day comes but once a year, but we shouldn't pile all of our grateful eggs into one day's basket to recognize how amazing dads are and how much we love them.