When I was little I would beg my dad to give me shoulder rides. With my best puppy face and in my sweetest voice I'd plead my case, "Daddy, will you carry me?" My feet were rarely tired and my back was never aching but if I got a shoulder ride it was worth faking. Despite my ploys and pride what no one knew was that this was more than just a joy ride

When you're a girl on your dad's shoulders you feel like you're up so high. With dad, you're so invincible you can touch the sky. I Could have walked, but I had strong, trusting shoulders to cruise on so why would I?

Sometimes I'd kick him like a horse to get him to faster. Although this probably was annoying, he'd play along and take off running like a mustang through an open pasture. He was and still is my trusty steed with tireless dedication. Playing along with my pesky fascinations helped build my wide, wild imagination.

I remember how the world looked so much different from way up there. When you went from two feet to six it feels like you're breathing new air. I realized that things that might seem scary or gigantic weren't worth a moment of panic.

Since then I've grown. I wouldn't really fit on my dad's shoulders so it's been a while sense I've flown. However, this doesn't mean I'm no able to dream big, feel strong or reach high. I believe I can do just about anything if you work hard and just give it an honest try. Thankfully I have a dad who carried me until I learned to fly.