The Best Packaging Material For A Medicine Brand
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The Best Packaging Material For A Medicine Brand

Medicine boxes in unique shapes, sizes, and designs offer the most protective and attractive packaging. Custom boxes are sustainable and affordable, yet high-end.

The Best Packaging Material For A Medicine Brand

Medicine boxes are made up of cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard. These materials are the strongest and the sturdiest when it comes to containment and protection. Paper packaging is highly customizable in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that represent the brand in the most effective manner. Die-cutting offer unique ways according to the product such as magnetic closure boxes, flip open boxes, sleeve packaging, and many more that offer the most convenient packaging and attractive appearance.

Custom printing gives a branded image to the product and helps in the marketing and advertising of the brand. Custom boxes in wholesale are the most affordable for business and merchandise of every type. Pharmaceutical product, like every other product, needs to be packed in the boxes of the material that conform to the prescribed standards. A pharmaceutical business needs to have an effective and efficient packaging to create a more professional image of the brand in the market. Active packaging is the one that fulfils all the product and brand needs.

Packaging standards for medicines

The rules of pharmaceutical product packaging are different than other products packaging, as these items are highly concerned with human health and need a particular environment to ensure their safety in terms of physical shape and life of the product, such as;

  • The product must arrive safely in the hands of the customers
  • Quality assurance of the packaging is fundamental
  • Medicine boxes must protect the product against spoilage and tampering
  • These boxes must exclude moisture and light
  • An active packaging box is the one that prevents leaching of extractable substances into the contents
  • Medicine box must prevent chemical interaction with the contents

How to choose packaging material?

The complexity of packaging material and advanced technology have made it challenging for companies to come up with a quality packaging that must;

  • Protect the product from external influences that can be responsible for altering the properties of the product, such as light, moisture, heat, and oxygen.
  • Protect against biological contamination
  • Prevent physical damage
  • Must carry relevant information about the product

Packaging material medicine boxes must be chosen according to the need and requirement of the product that is to be packed inside.

For instance, the main functions of medicine packaging are to;

  • Better containment to the product
  • Protection against external and internal damages
  • Proper labelling
  • Package or medicine inserts
  • Compliance

Understanding of the product

Cardboard comes in different grades that offer fulfil various needs of the product. To choose the right material, it is essential to understand or determine the basic needs and qualities of the product to get the proper packaging, such as;

What is the nature of your product? Is it a liquid, capsule, tablet, fragile, or robust?

  • How many layers you product needs in terms of keeping it away from sunlight or other climate conditions?
  • For how long you expect a product to stay in the box?
  • How long does it have to travel?
  • Does it have other complementary items with it?

Types of material

Types of material play an important role in setting a standard in the market. There are a lot of elements that offer the most advanced and as-per-need, such as;

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Paper

Different materials offer different packaging for the products with their benefit, but the one that is an all-rounder is cardboard packaging.

Cardboard packaging

Cardboard material is highly sustainable, recyclable, durable, protective, water, moisture, heat, and light-proof, which helps in keeping the product safe from external and internal damage.

Types of cardboard packaging

Every product has different needs, and so does every material have different grades. Cardboard comes in different grades that vary in their quality, durability, and price, such as;


It is a natural packaging material. Durable, sustainable, flexible in terms of giving shapes, sizes, and designs but not oh-so-high-end.

Corrugated cardboard

It is the strongest and most high-end paper packaging material. You can customize it in every shape, sizes, and custom print in unique and attractive designs to enhance the outlook of the product. Corrugated cardboard is non-collapsible and offers ultimate protection to the product.

With custom laminations, it gives moisture and waterproof packaging to the product. Medicines are the most complex when it comes to packaging. Still, thorough research, understanding of the product, and adequate knowledge of the packaging material make it easier and more beneficial to find the most appropriate box for your product. There are a lot of companies that offer custom printed material for medicine packaging in affordable rates than other alternatives that are available in the market

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