Crafting For Your Little, As Told By The Kardashians

Even though it's summer time, fall recruitment is just around the corner, meaning sorority members are already planning for their future Littles. Getting a Little is known to be one of the most exciting parts of Greek life and Big-Little relationships are sacred bonds, so future Bigs want to make sure their Little has the best experience possible.

Most girls are advised to start crafting in the summer, and for good reason. Crafting is way harder than it looks, and in the summer, you have more time to prepare for possible mishaps. But even in the summer, making the perfect gifts for your future Little can be stressful, and no one knows stress better than the Kardashians.

1. You start planning all your crafts.

You have a whole Pinterest board planned and can't wait to begin.

2. You go to the store and realize how expensive craft supplies are.

Family > everything. You want only the best for your future Little, and just like your Big spoiled you, you plan to spoil her.

3. You start crafting and then realize you suck at it.

The internet made it look so easy.

4. One of your artsy sisters posts a picture of her super amazing canvases while yours look like total crap.

You thought yours looked good until you saw somebody else's. Maybe since she's finished with hers she can help you with yours.

5. You begin to worry that your future Little will have no good gifts come fall.

What if your Little compares your gifts to another sister's and she hates them? Sorry you're not artistic.

6. So, you decide to start everything over.

Now that you know what to expect, you feel more dread than excitement.

7. Just in case, you start looking to see how much stuff on Etsy costs.

You love your future Little, but not that much. Plus, you already spent a fortune on craft supplies that you can't return.

8. You have a small breakdown.

So. Much. Pressure.

9. You decide to just try your best, and whatever happens, happens.

After a small breakdown, you realize that you are freaking out over nothing. Crafting should be fun, and your Little will love your gifts, and you, no matter what.

10. You finally complete your crafts.

After all that stress, you finally finish your crafts. They may not be perfect, but you know your Little will love them.

11. Now, all you need is to meet your future Little.

Fall can't come soon enough.

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